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Autodafeh - Identity Unknown

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"Identity unknown" is the title of the new Autodafeh album, which is the second full-length release and by all means reminds about the band's existence.

After a short intro, the album enters on the right track. In the "Divided We Fall", The Swedes have already clearly indicated that they feel good in the style of Electronic Body Music. It is rhythmical and melodic, and energetic. But is it true also in this case? After this track we look forward to the next, and instead of increasing pace, we find next two lazy tracks- "Crash and Burn" and "Evil Doll". While listening to them, I want to exit the room and wait until the end outside. I do not like them because of modulated vocals and a set of sounds that accompany it all. In contrast to the title-"Crash and Burn", a song doesn't crash you with energy, neither it burns. Similarly -"Evil Doll" doesn't have too much evil and hellish power. The whole is quite monotonous.

It seems that Autodafeh should entertain the listener, stimulate the rhythmic foot stamping and not bother him/her with simple sounds.It gets a bit better in "Meltdown," which passes like the runaway train, with fast beats and a dynamic vocal. The track which can be correlated with Front Line Assembly, despite the fact it's a very different, higher level.

Unfortunately, disadvantages of this record, which have revealed themselves in previous songs, are back again in "Identity Unknown", which as for the title track is simply weak. Vocals are comic as in "Evil Doll" and sound poor. The monotony of this album is manifested not only in individual tracks but also in the of compositions on the album. Alternately, we have slower moments, then faster ones and so on. Some interesting electronic sounds can be found in "Love, Hate and Pain" and in the "7 sins". Again I need to add that they are diverse in terms of pace. The first of them is much more dynamic. "7 Sins" is quieter and largely based on electronic spatial samples.

During the rest of the album- "Hall of Fame" deserves distinction. Most of all because its composition is better arranged than the one from several previous tracks. Bleak and heavier electronic inserts make it darker and more interesting in reception. It is also pleasant to listen to "Fake" with its numerous melodic variations occurring in between calmer sections.

As for me, a revelation on this album is "Outbreak", which makes the album pleasant to listen to, even if just for a moment. It is rhythmic again, just as in the beginning. It sounds the most uncompromising of all the songs. We have a strong beat and crazy bass in the background, in comparison to what has happened to this point. Vocals also fit well with the sounds. Apart from pleasing-to-the-ear loops and samples. As you know, good things come to an end, so we part with "Identity Unknown" with remix by Daniel B. (Front 242) - "DWF". An interesting alternative for "Divided We Fall." Excellent combination of industrial noise and rhythmic EBM. It is really loud, just a pity that too late.

To the Autodafeh musicians I suggest they find their own musical identity as soon as possible, organize tracks and vocals and it will be fine. Unfortunately, I have to say that the album is too chaotic, and unwell-thought solutions can discourage the listener from the very beginning. It seems that this is still not the moment in which Autodafeh sheds new light on the EBM. The only advantage for me is the ending song "Outbreak" and may this be a good forecast for the next album.


01. Dead Eyes
02. Divided We Fall
03. Crash And Burn
04. Evil Doll
05. Meltdown
06. Identity Unknown
07. Love, Hate And Pain
08. 7 Sins
09. Brick By Brick
10. Hall Of Fame
11. Fake
12. Outbreak
13. Dwf (daniel B. Of Front 242 Pirate Remix
Translator: murd
Add date: 2011-02-16 / Music reviews

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