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Aux Animaux - Body Horror

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A sense of danger, accompanied by disturbing music and samples, sets the tone for Aux Animaux's new album, 'Body Horror.' The opening evokes a claustrophobic and even terrifying effect, which later transforms into a dark, ominous sound material. While the atmosphere becomes dynamic and catchy, it retains a nervous and slightly haywire edge.

Gözde Duzer's vocals, characterized by clarity, beauty, and multidimensionality, enhance the contrast within the music. Her voice, both plastic and incredibly expressive, contributes to the feeling of being surrounded by opposing elements. The music, intricately constructed and hypnotic in its complexity, blends beautiful, whispering, and charming vocals with raw, cold electronic sounds. This duality is particularly evident in tracks like 'Night,' 'Devastation Song,' or 'Venus Lucifer,' where dreaminess clashes with the decisive mathematical precision of electronics and an unrelenting rhythm.
The album also features slightly trance-like and calmer pieces such as 'Lost Souls' and cold-wave gems like 'Violence in the Silence.' The outro, mirroring the emotional challenge of the intro, reinforces the notion that the Aux Animaux project stimulates the imagination with its intricate imagery.
In essence, 'Body Horror' is an excellent piece of dark wave with post-punkish elements. With its incredible visual expression and intellectual message, it delivers a guaranteed sensory knockout. The album took me on a journey, enchanting and captivating me. For those who appreciate contrasts, complexity, and layers akin to Chinese boxes, Aux Animaux offers pure depth and dark beauty. Highly recommended.
Aux animaux, established in 2015 by musician Gözde Düzer in Stockholm, is a music project characterized by its dark wave and gothic music influences. Originally from Istanbul, Gözde Düzer now resides in Stockholm, with brief periods spent in Strasbourg. She is proficient in playing bass guitar and theremin, defining her musical style as hauntwave. Notably, she has opened for Hante. and Sólveig Matthildur and embarked on a tour in Germany and the Netherlands with She Past Away in April 2023. Jonas Fransson, her husband and drummer for Then Comes Silence, is also part of her musical journey. The project's French name, aux animaux, translates to "for the animals," aligning with their advocacy for the animal rights movement and veganism. Their video for "Lost Souls" incorporates footage from the animal rights organization Djurrättsalliansen. Additionally, in March 2023, Gözde Düzer released the EP "Operatione Daemonum" under the name Melaina Chole.

1.Redrum (Intro)
2.Sleep Paralysis
3.Venus Lucifer
6.Devastation Song
7.Lost Souls
8.Violence in the Silence
9.Anxious Ambivalent (Outro)

Release Date: 08.12.2023
Label: Manic Depression Records
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-01-07 / Music reviews

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