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Bedless Bones - Mire of Mercury

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The long-awaited latest album by Kadri Sammel's project is finally here. With "Mire of Mercury," Bedless Bones ascends to new heights of artistic craftsmanship. This music has consistently been unconventional, hypnotic, and profound, and the latest album only reaffirms Kadri's incredible talent and artistic sensibility.

The album opens with the beautiful track "Dead Woman," a captivating blend of multi-layered, intricate passages and Kadri's enchanting voice, which is nearly impossible to resist. It's both catchy and cynical, while also pulsating with inner anxiety. The explosive sounds resonate deeply in the heart and mind, serving as a litmus test for the listener's emotions at any given moment. It's a superb composition, one of the album's finest.

The potential club hits on this album are "Litha," "Tongue and Rhythm," and "Solar Animus," along with my personal favorite, "Homeostatis." "Homeostatis" pulsates with internal power, radiates light, and vibrates with energy, built upon sensational sound clusters. The energy of these songs is simply astonishing. These songs are both unconventional and perfectly balanced, making them fantastically catchy.
The variety of techniques employed in the album will allow even an untrained ear to detect the dynamics and layers in both the vocals (e.g., on 'Map to the Stars') and the refined, meticulously crafted musical layers that follow. The subtle, incredibly harmonious, and yet unconventional interplay between the music and the voice unfolds with complete freedom and spontaneity. At times, it feels like a dialogue, while at others, it weaves together like a beautiful melo-monologue.

If I were to describe what this album means to me, it's a personal narrative about life and death, filled with oppositions and contrasts. It's a crucible in which emotions bubble up, changing in temperature and intensity in a surprising yet sophisticated manner. It explores the duality of body and soul, euphoria and sadness, limitations and boundlessness, isolation and openness, sacred and profane. This album is a beautiful collection of various inspirations, emotions, and feelings that Kadri wanted to share, and it's truly captivating both in terms of sound and lyrics. The intellectual and spiritual richness of this album makes it not only an auditory delight but, above all, a beautiful challenge for the sensitivity and intellect of the listener. It's an absolute gem and one of the best releases of this year.

1.Dead Woman 
6.Quick, Silver 
7.Map to the Stars 
8.Blood Citadel 
9.Solar Animus 
10.Tongue and Rhythm 
released November 3, 2023 by Metropolis Records
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2023-11-04 / Music reviews

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