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Bella Morte - Beautiful Death

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"Beautiful Death" – Fear? Fright? Anxiety?. .. Bullshit!

If the death is like this, I would like to be dead now, but please bury me with earphones and with this CD in a compact disc player… I will definitely rise from the dead.
Good CD is like a good book, it should have a certain something and it should make us want to go back to it.
The guys from "Bella Morte" have been on the music stage for 12 years, and they have proved that they aren’t musicans by any chance and they know well what is the way for some catchy playing. I don't know if it's due to rich sounds of chaos symmetry, or catchy melody, or clear and live Andy Deane's vocal, but the CD is really good...
Excitement, elements of dark wave, punk, definitely strong guitar sound, a palpable power, which accompany us from the first sounds of "Find forever Gone" make you feel you want more. This album doesn’t shock and it also isn't something new, it only confirms that Bella Morte is good at its job.
The moment you can control your fast circulating blood and close your eyes is during the last quiet track - "Nine hours", which is deprived of vocals and a noisy guitar – it is also time to keep your balance to turn this CD on from the beginning.
I guarantee you that listening this 11 songs will be the most pleasure addiction for you ears.

Don’t be influenced by the title of this CD, it won't be the death of you but it will rather give you a new lease of life...

I recommend it!


01. Find Forever Gone
02. Can't Let This Die ego
03. Black Seas Collide
04. Buried Within
05. The End Of The End
06. Fades Like A Song
07. In The Dirt
08. One Thousand Days
09. Burn The Sky
10. Eternal
11. Nine Hours
Translator: Schizev
Add date: 2008-12-30 / Music reviews

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