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BENT – Decades

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I'm uncertain about your usual approach to new albums, particularly those by unfamiliar artists. Do you typically listen to the material multiple times before forming an opinion, or do you base it on initial impressions? Personally, I tend to go with the latter if the music immediately ‘clicks’, and the former if the given concept doesn't resonate with me right away.
My first encounter with Niko Martens's project is through the 'Decades' EP. While it didn't immediately hit me in the serotonin production center, it intrigued me, and that's a promising sign. The talents who took part in BENt’s album production, involving well-known artists like Amnistia, Pyrroline, Jihad, and Object, serve as a strong endorsement. 
Now to the point.The EP offers a skillful blend of electro, industrial, and distorted vocals, creating a varied atmosphere across the songs. The opening track 'Decades' and 'At This Place' showcase a hypnotizing, somewhat uplifting quality, coupled with a refreshing sound. 'Siren's Call' presents a typical dark electro piece. The gradual building of melodic layers on 'Decades,' introducing new shades and colors, is commendable.
The simplicity and emotional conveyance in the lyrics, free from unnecessary frills or baroque procedures, are a definite plus. The addition of James Mendez from Jihad on 'Decades' brings significant depth, a harsh tone, and aggression in his characteristic, charismatic style. The inclusion of choir samples is another positive aspect. The Pyrroline version of 'Siren's Call' is well-executed, with a suspension of sounds, builds and drops that intensify the atmospheric build.
In summary, 'Decades' is an intriguing piece, and I'll certainly keep an eye on the artist’s future endeavors. 


1. Decades 
2.At This Place 
3.Siren's Call (Amnistia Modification) 
4.Decades (Vocal Reinterpretation By Jihad) 
5.At This Place (Object Remix) 
6.Siren's Call (PYRROLINE Remix) 

Release Date: 15.12.2023
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-01-27 / Music reviews

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