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Blac Kolor- Leuchtende stürme

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Blac Kolor, by Hendrick Grothe, a Leipzig-based DJ and graphic designer, emerged from the German electronic body music scene. Known for pushing boundaries, Grothe crafted a unique sound with banging rhythms for dark basements—the typical BK sound.
Starting with the ‘FROST’ techno night, Blac Kolor released the ‘FROST EP’ in 2013, followed by the ‘RANGE EP’ and ‘KOLD.’ Debuting in 2014, ‘Wide Noise’ and ‘Born In Ruins’ in 2016 showcased the project's evolution. The 3rd album, ‘Awakening,’ collaborated with Front 242’s Jean-Luc De Meyer. Future releases on labels like Aufnahme+Wiedergabe and Ant-Zen led to the upcoming 5th album, ‘Weltenbrand,’ featuring collaborations with Panter Noise, Jennifer Touch, Donis, and Berlin’s XTR Human.
The latest single, ‘leuchtende stürme,’ released on January 10, 2024, is a genuine sonic masterpiece resulting from the collaboration with Johannes Stabel from XTR HUMAN. The vocals, stirring emotions and shaping the rhythm, seamlessly complement Blac Kolor's raw, sharp, and precise musical style. The collision of sound and vocal effects yields a breathtaking result. The single version also features an excellent remix by Organik Fanatik, offering an additional dose of club banger energy. It's undeniably a dance floor hit. Released by ant-zen, this single stands as a much more robust and sharper successor to the 2023 album ‘Weltenbrand,’ which focused more on hypnotic, impactful energy and electronic sophistication. Blac Kolor consistently showcases the ability to blend various elements—techno, industrial, EBM, and occasionally noise—in a mechanical, original, and hands-on approach. This music serves as a distinctive calling card that doesn't shout but resonates strongly with the ears. Moreover, it's enjoyable. Way to go

1.leuchtende stürme (feat. xtr human) 
2.leuchtende stürme (feat. xtr human) - organik fanatik remix 

Release date: 10.01.2024
Label: ant-zen
Translator: khocico
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