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Black Dahlia - Bodyguard

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A musical epiphany struck this Monday, introducing a true revelation in the form of Black Dahlia's debut single, "Bodyguard," which was out on April 14. This track is nothing short of a knockout, masterfully weaving together a tapestry of art rock, avant-garde, and synth-pop. The vocals are a centerpiece, characterized by their capricious intensity and deep resonance, moving listeners profoundly and evoking a visceral reaction that sends chills down the spine. From the very first note, I was utterly enamored. The music unfolds in a dazzling display of sonic surprises, resonating deeply, experimenting boldly, and delighting consistently—it's an absolute auditory feast!
The single is further enhanced by a highly theatrical video, reminiscent of the early works of icons like Kate Bush, Eurythmics, and David Bowie. Black Dahlia's approach to blending imagery with vocal performance creates a rich, cohesive whole that appeals on multiple sensory levels. The video is like a vibrant tableau, where a multi-colored vocal palette meets the dramatic arts of theater and mime, resulting in a sensational composition that feels like a grand gathering of the muses. It’s an artistic endeavor that captivates and inspires. Bravo! What a way to make a mark!
"Bodyguard" is a theatrical portrayal that delves into the transformation of acquiring a new physical form while retaining your original soul. It serves as an ode to your former physical self and the inevitable bond with your new embodiment. The piece celebrates the blend of strength and softness in discovering your potential, boundaries, and fate.
Directed by Black Dahlia and captured by cinematographer Throne, the accompanying song and video present a flamboyant journey through musical styles. It merges art pop with avant-garde elements, crafting a distinct sound that also draws inspiration from the eclectic and bizarre aspects of the 80s, reminiscent of artists like David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Geneva Jacuzzi, and Tears for Fears.
released April 14, 2024
Written, Produced, and Mixed by Black Dahlia
Extra vocals by Colin J Thompson (Bura Bura)
Additional Mixing & Mastering by Zarven Kara at Reel to Reel Studios, Hobart
Artwork by Colin J Thompson

Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-04-15 / Music reviews

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