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Neotek - Brain Over Muscle (Deluxe Edition) (CD)
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Neotek - Brain Over Muscle (Deluxe Edition) (CD)


Add date: 2004-10-05

Label: Cleopatra

1-01 Mind-Travelling (Part One)
1-02 Pink Noise (Full Length)
1-03 Rhythm Machine (Full Length)
1-04 Tear My Mind Apart
1-05 Suicide
1-06 Countdown
1-07 Neotek 52
1-08 Into Silence
1-09 The Dawn (Original Edit)
1-10 Mind-Travelling (Part Two)
1-11 Brain Over Muscle (Reconstructed) (Full Length)
1-12 The Village
1-13 Brain Over Muscle (Original Version)
1-14 Mind-Travelling (In The Name Of Blunt)
1-15 Pink Noise (Edit)
2-01 Pink Noise (Control R Mix)
2-02 Suicide (Razed In Black Remix)
2-03 Mind-Travelling Part One (Alloy13-Battalion Mix)
2-04 Brain Over Muscle (Hunt)
2-05 Pink Noise (Apocalypse Remix)
2-06 Suicide (Senseless Remix Edit)
2-07 Into Silence (Fabrik Nos Remix)
2-08 Rhythm Machine (Mind Overflow)
2-09 Mind-Travelling Part One (Braindeath Mix)
2-10 Mind-Travelling Part Two (Blip Hop Mix)
2-11 Suicide (Lightphaser Mix)
2-12 Into Silence (Sub_Divided)
2-13 Neotek 52 (Renaissance Jazz Remix)