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Breakdown of Sanity

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This coverage is for all those who, hearing the word "metalcore" shudder and change the subject. Since metalcore is not as terrible as it’s presented. And the concert of Breadown of Sanity at Pod Minogą club in Poznan on 29.09.2015 definitely proved it.

The first band has it always the taughest, or so it’s said. However the Swiss from Clawerfield couldn’t complain about the lack of response from the audience. Sure, most people were evenly spread along the walls of the room and stubbornly supporting them. Nevertheless, four very energetic fans effectively filled the whole space under the stage - the moshpit in it’s best. It was not that surprising: energy that flowed from the stage was definitely contagious and eventually the whole crowd to twitching, more or less noticeably.
The music itself was fairly consistent, strong and blunt. Guitar-drum storm varied by electronic inserts (unfortunately from playback), growling vocals sometimes replaced by melodic singing.
All in all, a very positive impression.
The Germans performed in Poznań concert in place of the previously announced Australian Dream on, Dreamer (vocalist’s health problems made the band withdraw from the European tour). Was the audience disappointed with this change? Even if they were, it didn’t show. Already from the first sounds that flowed from the stage, a big and dense crowd filled the hall’s surface. There was no need to specifically encourage the audience to clash in the moshpit, which took most of the room. Despite this, those who were unwilling to wrestle, they could rather calmly and safely stand along the walls and listen to the band, sway to the rhythm.
Vocalist had a very good contact with the audience, talking between songs or initiating various group actions. All the time he reminded that people should get closer to the stage, as the ceaseless moshpit made the crowd float further away. Of course, he didn’t have to persuade a lot.
Musically it was much harder for an earlier show. Here there was no space for additional soothing effects or singing. It was a pure guitar-drums mix with strong growling of the inconspicuous singer. Very strong energy.
Breakdown of Sanity
The main act didn’t have to wait for the crowd to gather. As soon as they appeared on stage, the audience filled every available centimeter of the room, leaving no smallest space free. And with the first notes that thundered through the club, a genuine frenzy was unleashed.
The band didn’t give their audiences even a smallest moment to rest. Breaks between songs were so short that one could barely catch a breath and already the audience was flooded with a new wave of aggressive, uncontrolled music. Each song was warmly received, and the moshpit stopped only from time to time when the tempo of songs fell ever so slightly. However, it never took long. Even people who did not participate in this madness couldn’t really stand still. But it was obvious: the energy flowing from the stage was huge, overwhelming.
Musically it was very similar to the concert before: guitar, drums, growling. There was no place for a lighter pass, everything was played at maximum power and the audience reciprocated this energy to the fullest.
The band ended the concert more or less as planned and left the stage, but the fans didn’t want to leave it at that. It took a while, but the musicians gave in after all and were persuaded to small encore and once again unleashed a whirlwind in the club, sweeping the audience away for a few more minutes.
To sum up: the concert should be considered as the most successful. The bands gave their all, the audience was good and returned the received energy with an extra. That evening at Pod Minogą club, in the rhythm of metalcore passed very actively and strongly encouraged to get to know better the works of Breakdown of Sanity, Vitja and Clawerfield. I highly recommend!
Translator: kantellis
Add date: 2015-11-24 / Live reports

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