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Castle Party 2012 - Tickets

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For all the ones who are sure that between 27th and 29th July 2012 they will be roaming around Bolków at the 19th editiion of the Castle Party Festival, we enclose a link,show,519,castle-party-festival-2012.html. Upon clicking the given link, one will be able to order and but original tickets, as well as ticket booklets, making it possible for each fan of the Dark Independent culture to participate in this exceptional event.

3-day ticket booklets:
220zł - presale
250 - on the day of the event

One-day ticket (Friday, Saturday, Sunday):

120 zł - presale
150 zł - on the day of the event

The purchased tickets will be afterwards changed for wristbands by the organizers.

As usual after the concerts, a number of after parties is to take place at local clubs
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