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Cultus Ferox

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Cultus Ferox
Cultus Ferox - M'era Luna 2013

Cultus Ferox
Cultus Ferox - M'era Luna 2013

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
folk, folk rock, medieval


Band members:

Strahli Strahl
Rudi Rudell
Klauz Klasson
Donar V. Avignon


Cultus Ferox comes from Latin and means "Wild Life". In this sense, Cultus Ferox create medieval minstrel music on instruments such as bagpipes, shawm, drums and percussion. They make music full of bagpipes sound, in a percussion-heavy instrumental style, which help to develope very powerful but also mystical earthy sound.

In devotion to the vagabundalen minstrels of the Middle Ages, they play traditional pieces from the northern and southern regions. Their repertoire includes both ballads as well as rhythmically infectious pieces. You can rarely enjoy such a powerful and simultaneously soulful performance, with tracks that simply stand out from the usual danceful pieces played on historic markets, intoxicating audience by an electrifying spark.

The band developed in various ways that meet unique musical ideas and concepts, which led them to become the group with concert performance that has no equal. Cultus Ferox connect the medieval bagpipes and drums with elements of rock and electronics. A danceable mix, boost in the Middle Ages and modern sound.

Cultus Ferox present a powerful, varied, energetic and earthy live shows. Experience results in exuberant playfulness, extremely danceable tracks that balance weight of their bagpipes, shawm and percussion with elements of rock and electronic that invites fans to celebrate with them.