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Cyberaktif- eNdgame

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Cyberaktif was initially envisioned as a singular musical collaboration featuring Bill Leeb from Front Line Assembly and cEvin Key and Dwayne Goettel from Skinny Puppy. Following Goettel's passing, Rhys Fulber stepped in. Remarkably, we had to wait 33 years for a subsequent album after 'Tenebrae Vision.' Given Skinny Puppy's official conclusion of their career, this alone is a treat, considering the notable names behind the project. Whether the title 'eNdgame' signifies the definitive closure of this endeavor remains to be seen—perhaps a question for a future interview.

Released on February 2 by Artefact Records, the album comprises 9 songs. Allen Jaeger and Simon Paul handled the design, with mastering by Greg Reely, known for collaborations with artists like Sara McLachlan, Fear Factory, and Front Line Assembly.

The album opens with tremendous energy, and for anyone acquainted with Skinny Puppy and FLA, 'Single Trace' might feel like a natural offspring of both. It's a perfect ultra-electronic storm, balanced by a beat and distinctive vocals—a compelling piece combining momentum and sonic precision. 'Locked Away' emerges as a genuine dancefloor gem, an instant hit that clicks from the first minute. The equal background and rhythm, paired with an outstanding composition, create a golden effect. The juxtaposition of gentle, slightly synthpop vocals with sharp, industrial one is a brilliant, contrasting solution.
 'Bitter End' captivates from the start—a unique composition with a great beat and layering of overlapping melodic tracks at different temperatures, resulting in an addictive effect. 'New World Awaits' introduces a completely different climate and atmosphere, constructing a dystopian, futuristic ambiance through contrasting regular and irregular sounds.
'You Don't Need to See' and 'In Deinen Träumen' are highly successful sound-vocal experiments, with the latter having a more trance-inducing, slower rhythm. If any of the tracks could be labeled a 'ballad'—at least melodically—it would undoubtedly be 'The Fright.' The lazily flowing melody and rather gentle vocals soothe, even despite occasional distortions reminiscent of a mischievous radio receiver. My favorite piece on 'eNdgame' is 'Broken Through Time.' The chanting vocals, rhythmic melody, occasional samples, and the slowly building, intensifying tune. It may not be a dancefloor killer, but for some reason, this composition resonated with me the most. Also due to discreet yet discernible interesting arrangements beyond the main melodic line. The album concludes with the noise-industrial 'Splot,' which interestingly ties the album into a cohesive whole.
In summary, industrial is alive and well. 'eNdgame' is not an album that screams for attention with flashy qualities; the tracks are not obvious, more for savoring than ecstatic exclamations. Still, it is enjoyable to listen to, and one should appreciate the quality of execution and musical consistency. A definite highlight.

1. A Single Trace 
2.Locked Away 
3.Bitter End 
4.New World Awaits 
5.You Don't Need to See 
6.In Deinen Träumen 
7.The Fright 
8.Broken Through Time 

Release date:  02.02 2024. 
Label: Artefakt Records.
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-02-03 / Music reviews

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