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Cyberia Organica

Cyberia Organica
Germán Triana, John Sánchez, Jona Buitrago, Diego Morales.

Cyberia Organica
Diego Morales, John Sánchez,Germán Triana, Jona Buitrago.

Kolumbia / Colombia

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
alternative, Gothic, Gothic Metal, industrial


Band members:

German Triana - vocals, guitar
Jona Buitrago - bass
John Sánchez - drums, synth
Diego Morales - lead guitar


The Cyberia Orgánica musical project starts in 2003 in Bogota (Colombia) based on the expressive needs of each one of their members. Their sound is based on musical and visual cyberpunk aesthetics, creating their own concept of electronic rock with gothic and industrial sounds.

The lyrics of the songs (all written in Spanish) are surrounded by an obscure atmosphere created by literary figures that talk about dictatorship and tyranny, programmatic existence without any horizon and the emptiness of death, among others.

In recent years Cyberia Organica has been working to be consolidated in the emerging Latin American scene, getting wide acceptance among the public in their shows, as well good reviews in national and international media.