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Czarina - Exoskeleto

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I have previously extolled the absolutely remarkable talent of Vero Faye Kitsuné on multiple occasions, particularly since the artist is set to perform at this year's Castle Party. Today marks the release of her new single "Exoskeleto." I must admit, I experienced chills after listening to this piece—a beautiful fusion of fast-paced melodies, exquisite vocals, and ritualistic chants, all within an eclectic, vibrantly dynamic style. Czarina has accustomed me to not only listening to her music but also feeling it, yet the enchantment unfolding in this new release is truly captivating. I admire the amalgamation of elements from various sources—classical, modern, energetic, and dramatic, both sublime and catchy. However, not everyone can master such a blend—Czarina firmly grasps the reins and never relinquishes control. Both the title track and "the Outsider" are simply exquisite—they showcase and impeccably accentuate Faye's entire vocal range, its depth and emotional breadth. This is the kind of music that initially leaves you speechless, then prompts you to catch your breath and utter something akin to "wow." The text – as I see it - reflects on the difficulty of letting go of past pain and trauma, symbolized by physical and emotional scars. It describes the experience of enduring suffering and the internal struggle to overcome it, likening the process to shedding old skin and unleashing an inner strength for another battle. The imagery of biomechanical creatures and celestial anomalies suggests a transformation and resilience in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges, the narrator acknowledges that some things are too difficult to release, implying a continued grappling with personal demons and past wounds. The repetition of the phrase "Some things are too hard to let go" underscores the persistent nature of trauma and the ongoing effort to confront and overcome it.
The emotional depth of these songs is remarkable, and the musical composition is equally spectacular. Additionally, a video has been crafted for the song, fashioned in a magical, slightly mystical yet thoroughly contemporary style—once again allowing us to revel in Faye's theatrical prowess and marvel at another iteration of the splendid costumes that never fail to impress. Bravo, I am thoroughly impressed!

Release date: 29.03.2024
Label: Darktunes

Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-03-29 / Music reviews

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