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CZARINA - "Ghost Machine"

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CZARINA, a New Yorker and Progressive Darkwave and Dark Ethereal artist based in Galicia, Spain, will releaseda new dystopian-themed track titled "Ghost Machine" through darkTunes Music Group on 24th June. Inspired by the cyberpunk anime "Ghost In The Shell" and the manga "Battle Angel Alita," the song tackles themes of rebellion, justice, and transhumanism. The track features a blend of electronics, dramatic brass, strings, drum and bass, and intense guitar riffs, complemented by gothic choir chants and CZARINA’s haunting vocals.
The cover of the single evokes Japanese inspirations, blending traditional theatrical elements reminiscent of kabuki with cyber and futuristic influences. This eclecticism and bold use of conventions are hallmarks of Vero, who adeptly navigates different styles and musical genres.

"Ghost Machine" is an extraordinary blend of beautiful, magical, and unique vocals that split into multi-layered textures, only to merge back into a captivating whole. The dynamic melody, with its fast-paced beat and clear, powerful vocals, is stunning. This incredibly intense, full-bodied song heralds the album set for release in autumn 2024.
"Ghost Machine" is a genre-spanning piece incorporating darkwave, industrial, dark ethereal, prog metal, and DNB influences, showcasing powerful vocal dynamics and artful lyricism. The track is part of her upcoming third album, set to release in Fall 2024. Produced and recorded at her seaside home in Galicia, the track was co-produced, mixed, and mastered by Von Hertzog. The music video and cover art were created by CZARINA and her husband, DeadlyKawaii, under their production house, The Kitsunés. "Ghost Machine" will be available on Bandcamp and all digital platforms on June 28.
CZARINA, also known as Vero Faye Kitsuné, is a Philippine-born American artist recognized for her multidisciplinary approach, combining futurist culture with mythology and martial arts. 
You will have a chance to see her live during Castle Party Festival 2024

Release date: 28.06.2024
Label: darkTunes Music Group
Translator: khocico
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