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Data Void - So Alien

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Data Void, represented by James Mendez from Jihad and Don Gordon from Numb, ingeniously offers us glimpses of their upcoming album "Strategies of Dissent," set to release on March 8th. I've always admired Numb for its edgy imagination and eclecticism in "Blood Meridian," and Jihad for its sonic precision, emotions finely tuned to the soundscape. Together on a track, it's akin to Lecter and Starling debating—albeit with a top-notch musical backdrop. Emotions, sometimes restrained by sound discipline, sometimes set free, with a steady electronic foundation interrupted by unexpected atmospheric shifts and a sheer flow of emotions.
This project intrigues me as it melds seemingly contradictory elements—distance and wildness, tranquility and chaos, akin to Witkacy's madman and nun, coupled with psychedelic visuals reminiscent of a dream or AI-generated fantasy. I believe this album will make waves, especially for fans of industrial, intelligent dark electro, and atmospheric compositions.
"So Alien"  exudes pure energy, with countless allusions that I won't delve into; listen for yourself. James and Don draw inspiration from the best sources, yet create something entirely unique, imprinting their personal touch on the music. The breadth of this music and its mesmerizing quality are truly remarkable. It's bound to be a club hit.
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Add date: 2024-03-02 / Music reviews

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