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Data Void - Strategies of Dissent

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"What's left unsaid means more than words." This succinctly captures the essence of an album that transcends mere verbal expression. It stimulates thought, evokes an abundance of emotions, and delivers an exceptional musical experience. Data Void has been teasing their forthcoming album "Strategies of Dissent" for weeks, generating anticipation by releasing snippets of selected tracks. Their adeptness at building curiosity heightened my expectations for the release, and I must say, they delivered with aplomb. 
James Mendez and Don Gordon are stalwarts in the industry, with their projects Jihad, Trial By Fire, Halo_Gen and Numb boasting dedicated followings. Their ability to juxtapose seemingly opposing elements is evident throughout the album. Knowing both projects and listening to the teasers, I anticipated a game of contrasts, but I didn't expect it to reach the quality akin to collisions in the Large Hadron Collider. The release embodies two entirely different charisma, qualities, and styles - precision juxtaposed with chaos, wildness entwined with sonic refinement, and a stellar, absolutely sensational tempo. Tracks like "Nothing Changes" showcase a killer pace, while others like "The Night Goes On Forever" and the instrumental "Echoes of Ritualized Performance" evoke dark, haunting melodies and vocals. The album navigates a spectrum of emotions, from aggression to introspection, and features sound experiments that push the boundaries of industrial and ephemeral ambient music. As the album progresses, the pace slows, inviting listeners to delve deeper into the lyrics and immerse themselves in the artists' messages. Vocal performances, such as in "Seven Seconds," verge on hypnotic recitation, delivering messages that resonate profoundly. 
"Strategies of Dissent" offers a journey through dark emotional and sonic territories, tapping into intellectual depth while also touching the heartstrings. Musically, it is a refined production, blending immediate ear-catching elements with intricate compositions, resulting in a work of exceptional quality. Vincent Uhlig (2nd Face) was responsible for mastering and did a really good job, similar to Jeff Murray with the graphics. I highly recommend it!

1.Nothing Changes 
2.This Night Goes on Forever
3.So Alien 
4.A Failure of Language
5.Crash, Burn & Resurrect
7.What's Left Unsaid
8.Seven Seconds
9.Echoes of Ritualized Performance
10.This Night Goes on Forever (Dub)

Release Date: 08.03.2024
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-03-07 / Music reviews

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