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Decadent Fun Club + Nowomowa + TOG - Castle Party in the Club

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It was an absolutely magical night on October 9 at the Liverpool club in Wrocław. As part of Castle Party in the Club, two bands from Decadent Fun Club and Nowomowa played live shows and they did it in great style. Probably everyone missed a real club event, so the audience was great, both during the concerts and during the after party hosted by the team from Gdańsk - TOG.

Nowomowa, the band that opened the concert evening, comes from Wrocław. They play music inspired by the post-punk scene of the 80s and contemporary alternative music. In 2018, the band performed in the finals of the Jarocińskie Rytmy Młodych competition, and in the same year the line-up reached the top ten of the Young Talents Festival in Szczecin, where they took third place. They performed as a supporting band for Made in Poland, Świetliki, Nosowska, and Pogodno. In October 2019, the group's first album entitled "Debiut" premiered.
The sounds presented during the concert were a combination of melancholic, slightly nostalgic atmosphere, poetic lyrics and vibrating, dynamic musical parts. Nowomowa is based on contrasts - on the one hand, we get delicate, thought-provoking, hypnotizing compositions (eg "Ulica Krzyki" or "Never Let You Die"), and on the other, faster, more dynamic pieces, such as "Papierosy" or "Hibernacja" which make the dancefloor tremble and vibrate. A very atmospheric and strong start to the evening!

Never Let You Die
1000 Wysp

The second band that presented themselves on the stage that day was Warsaw based Decadent Fun Club. The band was founded in Warsaw in 2016, it is composed of the singer Paveu Ostrovsky (known, among others, from the third edition of Mam talent!), Bassist  Kuba Lipiński, keyboard player Mateusz Gągol and drummer Kamil Falkor (both previously known from the band Out of Tune). They played their debut concert on August 16, 2016 in Warsaw in the "Chmury" club, since then they played in the capital city several times, and also played concerts all over Poland. In 2019, Decadent Fun Club performed as a support at four concerts of the Polish wing for New Model Army tour, they also supported The Young Gods and Lust For Youth. On September 28, 2019, the band performed during the showcase festival Waves Vienna in Vienna, and two days earlier at a concert in Ostrava, Czech Republic. In the same year, two singles were released - in August How Does It Feel? and at the end of the year - the cover of Maanam Paranoja jest goła. In 2020 the band accompanied OMD as a support during two concerts.
In Wrocław, DFC presented a beautiful, varied and very atmospheric set - both musically and visually. When it comes to sounds - the project may be seen as a combination of dynamic electronics, pulsating guitars, drums and an absolutely unique vocal line - opera inserts added spontaneously during the concert were an additional advantage of the performance. The blue lights beautifully emphasized the spectacular atmosphere of the concert and the amazing vocal that literally charmed and hypnotized the audience, who demanded an encore twice.
The concert itself was so dynamic that amplifiers, playback and women breathing functions were severly disturbed - aside from that it was  totally professional. The great contact with the audience is definitely the band's strength - I hope there will be another opportunity to watch them live soon.

1. How Does It Feel?
2. Genie
3. Dead Things Never Smell Good
4. Tango
5. Stamina
6. UFO
7. Love Will Burn Us All
8. Glitterball
9. Tam
10. Oko
11. Paranoja
12. Szary
13. Wyjdź
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