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Logo Defrag

Jeff Dodson


Date of establishing :

Music genere:
experimental, glitch, idm, industrial


Band members:

Jeff Dodson - Bass/Programming
Matt “Paper” Flego - Guitar/Programming/Live Breaks


Beginning life in the early part of the decade in New York, Defragmentation – or simply Defrag – has gone through a tumultuous time developing a visceral and vicious style of experimental electronic. Jeff Dodson and Matt "Paper" Flego found themselves signed to Martin Atkins' label, then known as Underground, Inc., performing shows with a variety of artists in the industrial rock scene, all the while pushing a guitar-driven sound that beckoned for a more unorthodox and abstract approach. Appearing on several compilations and releasing two albums with the label before internal pressures led to Flego's departure, Defrag gained wide recognition for providing a plethora of remixes for such fellow artists in the coldwave scene as Acumen Nation, The Aggression and Dope. More recently, Dodson took Defrag into a new direction, blending frantic forms of IDM, dubstep, and industrial into a mangled style of noisy drum & bass that landed him on the Glitch Mode compilation Gears Gone Wild in 2008. Now signed to noise/breakcore luminary Hymen Records, Dodson releases Lament Element, a new album filled to the brim with wobbly subsonic bass attacks, synths that seethe and squelch, frenetic percussive displays and dark atmospheres. It's a new sound for a new time, and one that marks Defrag as an act to watch out for in the post-industrial landscape.