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Die Form - Rayon X

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"Everything comes from black and loses itself in white" - the motto of the newest Die Form album are the words of Louis Bertand Castel, eighteenth-century scholar and pioneer of visual music, who tried to connect sound waves with visible electromagnetic waves. Today, it seems that it is the French duo who continues his work, but darker are being used to it.  Die Form has been always moving a hard subjects, which are generally being silenced, always showed what is normally hidden behind closed doors and always opened the way to what was placed I a prohibited section. In music, in words, in graphic and multimedia they have always been breaking the taboo and that became their symbol. Shocking, direct, fetish, obsessively dehumanized, on the other hand utterly human creativity awakens excitement sometimes literally sexual, whenever and wherever it appears. For the "Rayon XXX", pardon me, "Rayon X" fans has been waiting  five years. They couldn't be disappointed - this record sounds like compilation album, "The Best of". 

The title, the French expression for X-rays, directly reveals the content. Philippe and Eliane move around what we can't see with the naked eye. They put on the stand topic like political mechanism, cognitive science, cybernetics and mix it with the vision of suffering, death, desire, love and sex.  Like always original and disturbing images and graphics by Philipee just add to it.  After all Die Form is an art that operates in many fields and to fully appreciate the mastery of visual design, listener must pay attention to all artistic spaces wherein they move. 
Further albums never was an calque of the previous ones. Although recognizable, uncopiable  style of the band remains the essential feature of their work, it oscillates from experiment to more clear sound, from industrial to neo-classical darkwave. So you never know which side they choose. On the "Rayon X" there is no domination of "Extremum" hangman's rope, no expanded lyric of "inhuman" or living organic  mass of "The Trilogy of Passions". They decided in vast majority of compositions to get back to the greatest hits of the band or classics like "Bite of God", "Automatic Love" or "Sexslave", and that means: laconic, focused on the relevance of the phrase, rough vocals of Philippe interwoven with Eliane angelic soprano and resolute industrial made mostly from the minimalist, analog electronics. 

In the "Joy of Sex" by A. Comfort we read "A manual suggests that the female just before orgasm should throw a handful of crushed ice on the back of her husband. Others move the ice cube slowly on the partner's body, including the soles of the feet". Since the music evokes similar bran activity as sexual act, it is not surprising that the cool electronics of Die Form with help of the similar shock reaction creates an erotic atmosphere. It is perceptible already from the first notes of "Black Leather Gloves" that gives to ears pattes d’araignée. This song just like "Angeline" could be included on the previous DF work "Noir Magnétique". The has not yet forgotten about the recent achievements, therefore "Rayon X", though generally it's a nod to the past, it also means accessibility and melody that easily could made the compositions a classic club hits.  Their only drawback is withdraw from gloomy atmosphere, but it's compensated by other factors. 
However, specific spirit is still preserved. It can be heard very well in single "Schaulust (Scopic Pulsion)", which probably in the future will become an one of the most memorable and recognizable creation of the band. Shiny soprano in the foreground and harsh vocal in the background not only speak about obsessive demon that is lurking within us, the represent their personification, together with well routed analog backing and appropriately accented rock motoric, deceiving and tempting. 
The overwhelming impression that the man is just evolutionarily programmed mechanism, in which errors are called emotions, by feelings or aspirations it accompanies every moment spend with this music at any time. It is not just about poetry that treats problem personally (command "stop system" as a term of death in the "Prototype") or as for the whole genre ("Perpetual Motion"). Machine rhythmic and machine rhetoric dominate in this material. This will be proven by "ReBirth/ReDeath" that reminds of Schranz aesthetics (causes almost the same hypnotic anxiety, at the same time associated with the climate of "Tetsuo") or "Mecanomania(c)" which sounds like music made from mechanical gears (although the relentless repeatability can irritate the human ear, H+ fans will experience a perverse satisfaction).  This album is like a computer that has passed the Turing test. 
This measure allowed to reduce classical instrumentation to two compositions (except, really rudimentary in "Neo Fiction"). Reminds of "Vox Angelica" from previous one, seems like taken from "L'Âme Électrique", neoclassical "Zoanthropia is based mainly on angelic vocals filled with melancholy, clear bass lines, notes of violin and the bell fuelled by sadness, and that makes short darkwave masterpiece. "Eros Requiem" is filled with moody dualism, introduced inter alia by violin and low tuned cello, the soprano mixed a demonic laugh and processed Philippe voice. 
Not only his voice has been modulated. Thanks to the appropriate filters Elian voice sounds "digitally" in several places. Besides still triumphs in its breathtaking  classical manner, which counterpoints and somehow put sarcasm into whole sonic ecstasy. "Rayon X" assures me once again that DF is one of the most important duos ever created on dark stage, what is valuable, when it comes to observe other groups and their condition is weakening - what can't be said about DF. Another thing on plus is fact that a large part of lyrics is in their native language. One of them for example is "La 7eme Face Du Dé" inspired by a series of books about surrealists, although it might as well refer to a collection of collages by Hugnet that are close to Fichot style. 
But the biggest favorites in my opinion are, "Perpetual Motion", more aggressive, heavier "Politik" and, above the all, spatial and the hit "Bipolarity". I could mention here also "Amnesia" or "La 7eme Face Du Dé"... all of them, in spite of diverse tempo, a different mood, reminds of the best achievements of the French. Only predictable "Mon Amour" did not took me. 
The limited edition offers a second CD, which not only contains additional composition, but also other versions of these from basic edition. It is a tribute to the past and return to practice, which Philippe hasn't been using for long time. They differ clearly in audible aspects like rhythm and vocals, but also with subtle details and catching them, that will be interesting challenge for the fans. What's more, no one has ever remixed the duo's compositions better than the founder. 

Surreal apparatus to X-ray human nature was released by Out of Line in 2014 for sure will be considered as one of the best albums of the group. 
Recipe for the end: take large amount of fetish, the same amount of cybernetic theory, add to that a dose of autistic alienation and human passion - that is Die Form, translating neurons to the electrode. Their talent to hypnotize to themselves, their creativity, their music is manifested in the simple fact: if they are consider as the embodiment of a deeper, hidden part of man, you can only sing of the compositions: "l’autre face, encore". It seems to be unbelievable and considering the given two hours of material that makes "Rayon X" - a pity that this album is so short. 


CD 1
01. Black Leather Gloves
02. Schaulust (Scopic Pulsion)
03. ReBirth/ReDeath (Ich Bin Tot)
04. La 7eme Face Du Dé
05. Mecanomania(c)
06. Politik
07. In The Void of Hell
08. Neo Fiction
09. Bipolarity
10. Perpetual Motion (Perpetuum Mobile)
11. Amnesia (Amnesium)
12. Iron Cross
13. Mon Amour 2
14. Zoanthropia

CD 2
01. Black Leather Gloves 1
02. Schaulust
03. ReBirth/ReDeath (Ich Bin Tot) 1a
04. ReBirth/ReDeath 1b
05. Autolith
06. Politik 1
07. In The Void of Hell 1
08. La 7eme Face Du Dé 1
09. Prototype
10. From Dreams To Machines
11. Angeline
12. Perpetual Motion 1 (Perpetuum Mobile)
13. Eros Requiem
14. Mon Amour 1
Translator: Toshiro
Add date: 2019-05-27 / Music reviews

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