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dISHARMONY – Pendulum

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One must admit that Headdreamer and Ryby know their job. The Slovak project, well known to fans of stronger electronic sounds, is an amalgam of spatial, film-like arrangements, aggressive distorted vocals, and dynamic, somewhat hypnotic, ambient electronics that tie everything together. Raw yet rhythmic sounds ("Blood for Glory"), instrumental pieces composed with panache, and rich samples ("Empty Room with Demons," brilliant "Rise") create a compelling listen. They flirt with noise distortion ("Mindhunter (Reverse)," "Pendulum"), offer perfectly complementary vocal duets ("Rotted Spinal Cord"), and feature vocals that would make any growling metal vocalist proud (and definitely Erk Aircraig). The album closes intriguingly with "End of the Line (Life & Dead)," bordering on psychedelic ambient. Overall, "Pendulum" showcases contrasts, soundtrack freedom, a futuristic vibe, and a blend of classic dark electro with industrial and looser electronics—diverse and fascinating.
"Pendulum," originally released as a CD, quickly became a collector's item, sparking continued interest in its physical format. Now, this atmospheric blend of tenderness and noise makes its analog return on vinyl. The album dives into dark, hypnotic electronics, cinematic moods, and broken rhythms, creating a complex soundscape of industrial blocks and shouted vocals. Ingo Lindmeier, aka spiel sinn, has masterfully crafted the visual concept, enhancing the project’s unique charm. The vinyl edition, featuring a brilliant sound regime by Anatoly and a different tracklist, encapsulates the essence of light and darkness.

1. Synthetic Playground
2. Blood for Glory
3. Empty Room with Demons
4. Mindhunter (Reverse)
5. Rise
6. Pendulum
7. Broken Paths of Souls (HD Theme Triode Edit)
8. Rotted Spinal Cord
9. Vertical Point (Meets Object)
10. The Path of Miracles (Headdreamer Edit)
11. Indifference
12. End of the Line (Life & Dead)

Released date vinyl/digital - July 2024
Original release date: November 15th 2023
Label: Aliens production
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-07-09 / Music reviews

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