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Ductape - Anafor

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The fact that Ductape are skilled at creating an incredible atmosphere—emotionally, spiritually, and dynamically, with a danceable vibe packed with cool electronics, synthesizers, and cold breezes—is well-known. I personally witnessed their enchanting and mesmerizing stage presence in Prague during last year's Prague Gothic Treffen. They seamlessly blend fire and ice, spontaneity and precision, radiating incredible charisma and vibrant beauty. This is also true for their latest single 'Anafor,' part of the album 'Echo Drama' scheduled for release on March 1. It's the third single released after  'Red Scar' and ' Veil of Lies'. 

Anaphorá, which means 'lifting' in Greek, raises the significance of the repeated word or phrase, emphasizing its meaning. What is important to these two artists? An interesting question. Unforced yet strongly affecting, dark, and catchy, showcasing the beauty of Çağla's mysterious, deep vocals, 'Anafor' is the quintessence of electrifying post-punk. Whenever I think about this voice, I envision suede, smoke, and crystal—full of emotions and contrasts, simply beautiful. Çağla Güleray and Furkan Güleray, originating from Istanbul's post-punk scene, are doing a truly fantastic job—both musically and in live performances. I eagerly await the album!

Release date: 02.02.2023
Translator: khocico
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