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Electro Fear - The Little Shop of Horrors


The famous auto-parodic bogeyman B-class movie "Shop of Horrors", from master-businessman Roger Corman was used by the Polish project Electro Fear as a title of their debut album, which trailer appeared on the network.
Marcin "Kozio" Klimek, who is responsible for the project, is not using the Corman's kitsch as a pattern, but incorporates and transforms motifs from the classical horror movies ("Cat People," "Carnival of Souls", "Psycho", Dario Argento's films), creating a deadly mixture of horror with dancefloor power of dark electro, with class that is proven by a wide range of releases on polish and international compilations (among others: "Orkus", "Gothic Music Orgy vol. 2").
But that is just a part of material that will be included on the album. Various stylistic compositions (synth-pop, futurepop, and even darkwave), striking the melancholy chord, will cause that everyone - not only the fans of hard beats - will find something for themselves.
Remixes are made by Cold Therapy, Cube-x, Orbicide and Reactor7x.

01. Cat People
02. House On Haunted Hill
03. My Revenge
04. Carnival Of Souls
05. The Rain Is Falling Down
06. Heaven
07. Forget Me
08. Blood On The Dancefloor
09. Sisters
10. Profondo Rosso
11. Psycho
12. House On Haunted Hill (Cold Therapy Remix)
13. Carnival Of Souls (Cube-x Remix)
14. House On Haunted Hill (Orbicide Remix)
15. Carnival Of Souls (Reactor7x Slave Mix)

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Author: RobertSaligia
Translator: hellium
Source: / 2016-08-05 / News

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