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ESC - Eight Thousand Square Feet

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I came across ESC by sheer accident. Some time ago a friend of mine played their debut album "Matte" for me, stating that it is definitely worth attention. And he was right - I took an instant liking to the way of playing the Portuguese conduct. Unfortunately, the second album passed me by somehow, hence I was more than happy to welcome the opportunity to listen to their thrid release entitled "Eight Thousand Square Feet". I will do my best to try to share my opinions about the above mentioned record.

The first thing that captures your attention is the lenghth of it - almost an hour - rather a pleasant surprise, especially given the fact that nowadays an average album lasts 30-35 minutes. The particular tracks are also quite long, hence many diversified motives of sound could have been used, which ESC did to my unhidden joy. Starting from the first piece of music "Concrete", in which some arabian-sounding elements could be discerned, through "Eight Thousand Square Fett", where the sound of keybord straight from an exemplary oldschool horror appears. This whole is adorned with a truly apparent beat, yet not deprived of melody. "Correcting God's Design" joins the other tracks, with its intense and heavy but at the same time melodic sound, making a perfect medley of synthetic tunes for every dance floor. "The Grand Atrium of Light" is also worth mentioning, being yet another track featuring Arabian motives, complimented by similar-sounding vocals. By and large, I think the record is expectionally plain in terms of the sound itself and its harmony stays in your memory for a long time after the first listening and will surely be kept in your mind.
To even better the overall impression of the album, we have to mention its special guests: Jan L. of X-Fusion, whose voice may be heard in "le Voyage D'Ivoire Sophisme", and Carsten Jacek of [:SITD:] in German "Leitbild". Both guests appearances fit the atmosphere of the record in the excellent way. A very typical thing of ESC is using sample from the movies, which are perfectly composed in the tracks. It may render listening to the album quite a fun for all the listeners, making it possible for them to guess which movie a particular dialogue was taken from.

To sum up, I can frankly recommend the album to all fans of harsh sounds as it truly features some interesting and catchy melodies, quite a piece of tough and heavy beats and an overwhelmingly dark atmosphere. I am impatiently anticipating the next record of the Portuguese.


01. Concrete
02. Eight Thousand Square Feet
03. Correcting God's Design
04. White Beast (Retribution)
05. Raiva
06. Proprioception
07. Le Voyage D'Ivoire Sophisme (feat. X-Fusion)
08. -48ºC
09. The Grand Atrium of Light
10. Dishonour
11. Leitbild (feat. [:SITD:])
12. An Horizon Inside Four Walls
Translator: murd
Add date: 2010-12-06 / Music reviews

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