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EyeScream - Noir
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Tympanik Audio welcomes EyeScream, the first Russian artist to join the family, for the release of his new album and first CD release ‘Noir‘. Written specifically for the Tympanik Audio audience, ‘Noir‘ seamlessly blends a multitude of elements from diverse genres to create an intriguing listening experience. From clean, glitchy synthlines and pronounced beatwork to expansive ambient and post-rock elements, the sound of ‘Noir‘ proves to be both interchangeable and elusive; at once an emotive journey that leads you out of a disturbing dream and into warm sunlight.


Available now on compact disc and digital formats. Artwork by M. Morton and mastered by Alexander Dietz.

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Author: morrigan
Translator: morrigan
Source: Tympanik Audio / 2014-05-13 / News

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