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Urugwaj / Uruguay

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
alternative, alternative rock, Gothic, Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, new wave


Band members:

Daniel Bonilla - guitar, vocal, programming
Martina Souto - vocal
Seba Etchecopar – keyboards
Guillermo Albano – bass


Fixion is a rock band based in Montevideo, Uruguay that debuted in June 2002. It is a personal project in the career of Daniel César (guitar and vocals), integrating former bands like Traitors (legendary punk - post –punk band from Uruguay), among others. Fixion style can be classified as gothic rock, gothic metal and alternative rock influenced by bands like Theatre Of Tragedy, Lacrimosa and Moonspell. In the beginning Fixion spread their music in demo format and performed extensively in Uruguay in pubs, theaters and on large stages, both in Montevideo and other locations. As highlights of their career aspects can be mentioned four international shows with Sirenia, Lacrimosa, The 69 Eyes and The Sisters Of Mercy, three of them made in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fixion discography includes three albums: "In the Dark" (2009), "Shooting - Simple Live" (2012) and "Paradise" (2014). The first two were nominated for "Best Metal Album and Hard Rock" in the Uruguay (similar to local Grammy) "Graffiti Awards". Throughout their career they gathered wide recognition and respect from local and international press, highlighting the quality of their products (albums, videos and shows) and established a large base of fans and followers.