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flint glass & ah cama-sotz - wakan tanka

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"WAKAN TANKA" emerges as a profound musical collaboration between Herman Klapholz, known for his work as AH CAMA-SOTZ, and Gwenn Trémorin, the creative force behind FLINT GLASS. Both artists are renowned for their distinctive approaches to sound creation, with Klapholz acclaimed for his dark ambient and industrial soundscapes, and Trémorin celebrated for his intricate blend of rhythmic noise and cinematic ambience. Their united effort in "WAKAN TANKA" offers listeners an auditory odyssey that navigates the expanses of experimental dark electronica and ambient music, enriched with elements of modern IDM, ritual, and dub.
"Wakan Taka" transcends mere analysis; it's a mystical journey of acoustic richness and sonic depth that engages both the senses and the spirit. I've always held these gentlemen in high regard, but what they've accomplished with this release is nothing short of hypnotic—a true sound catharsis.
The album begins with a slow, mystical allure, drawing you in with a mysterious charm. It extends a gentle invitation, coaxing you to explore what lies within. And accepting this invitation rewards you almost immediately. The tempo builds in a way that I particularly enjoy—intelligent, impactful, yet unforced. The music seduces in the finest way: it's persuasive without being pushy, seemingly subtle yet backed by an impressive, captivating beat. The sonic architecture of the album is masterfully crafted, striking the ears and the senses with a hypnotic precision. Herman's fondness for rural explorations shines through in the earthy, organic textures, while Gwenn's signature beat pulses with an understated intensity. Overall, the music is immersive, addictive, and nuanced. It pulls you into a world where each note and beat is carefully woven to create an enveloping tapestry of sound that's hard to step away from. This album is not just heard; it's experienced, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after the last note fades. The stunning fusion of industrial rawness with a magically dark atmosphere, alongside refined compositions and pulsating beats, truly elevates this work to the level of a masterpiece. Both sublime and addictive, the catchy rhythms not only energize but also induce a deep trance. The artists demonstrate absolute control over the sound, crafting musical landscapes that deliver unforgettable auditory impressions. This unique blend captivates the senses, weaving complex layers of sound into a cohesive and mesmerizing auditory experience.
Inspired by their shared fascination with the cultural and spiritual narratives of indigenous Amerindian peoples, this album intricately weaves pure ritualistic and tribal motifs into hypnotic rhythms, guiding listeners through a transcendent exploration of the subconscious. From the northern reaches of Canada to the depths of the Amazonian rainforests, the album draws its sonic inspiration from the rich diversity of natural landscapes and the unique cultural imprints of these regions.
In their careers, both Klapholz and Trémorin have explored themes of mortality and the metaphysical, making "WAKAN TANKA" a seamless continuation of their artistic endeavors. The album delves into indigenous spiritual cosmologies where death is not an end but a transition, marking the passage of the soul into an eternal realm where ancestral spirits dwell. This belief is not only mirrored in the thematic depth of the album but also in its soundscapes that evoke the cyclical nature of life and death.
Through "WAKAN TANKA," Klapholz and Trémorin pay homage to the resilience and cultural heritage of marginalized populations, celebrating the profound connection these communities maintain with the cycles of life and death. The album is not just a collection of tracks but a deeply moving experience that invites listeners to reflect on the interconnectedness of existence, making it a powerful and thought-provoking journey into the heart of human experience.
Great work, mostly recommended!

1. Anishinaabe
2. Kaxinawá
3. Aymara
4. Menegokre
5. Irã-ã-mray-me
6. Munduruku
7. Kamayura
8. Pirpkura
9. Odawaa
10. Nuu-chah-nulth

Release date: 16.04.2024
Label: ant zen
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-04-17 / Music reviews

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