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Folk Metal Crusade 2015, GRAI & Netherfell


On 29th August 2015 with the performance of GRAI - folk metal band from Russia and Netherfell at STADO festival, Folk Metal Crusade 2015 part II will be started and will last for two weeks. The army of folk-exreme musicians will rule the whole Poland reclaiming listeners into heavy folk sounds. The leaders of the crusade are, similarly to last year's edition, the already mentioned musicians from GRAI with two ladies. They will be accompanied by folk metalheads from Cracow - Netherfell. These two bands will share the stage with Black Velvet Band, Diaboł Boruta, Othalan, Open Access and many more in different venues.
Details here.
Concerts are supported by: Browar PERUN and NOIZGATE Records.

Dates and venues:
29.08.15  – Dąbrowa Górnicza - Festiwalu Kultury Słowian STADO
30.08.15  – Kraków – Rotunda
31.08.15  – Bielsko-Biała - Rude boy
01.09.15 – Częstochowa – Muzyczna Meta
02.09.15  – Opole – Piekarnia
03.09.15  – Wrocław – Od Zmierzchu do Świtu
04.09.15  – Poznań – U Bazyla
05.09.15  – DE Nauen – Rock For Roots Festival
06.09.15  – Szczecin – Rocker
08.09.15  – Słupsk – Motor Rock Pub
09.09.15  – Gdańsk – Wydział Remontowy
10.09.15  – Bydgoszcz – Estrada Stagebar
11.09.15  – Łódź – Stereo Krogs
12.09.15  – Warszawa – Progresja

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Author: Closter
Translator: morrigan
Source: Ticketpro / 2015-08-26 / Events

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