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GEttNER - [ i N t R o V e R t ]

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Upon delving into this album, I am confronted with the intricate task of accurately conveying its depth and complexity. After an initial listen, I feel compelled to reserve final judgment until I have thoroughly immersed myself in its multifaceted layers. Instrumental pieces often pose a unique test, as I evaluate them for both originality and substance. However, this album offers a delightful surprise: the melodies are intricate, and the arrangements meticulously crafted, resulting in a rich tapestry of sound that feels both familiar and refreshingly innovative. Tracks such as "Crumple Zone" and "Fading Lights" take the listener on a sonic journey, evoking nostalgia and hinting at influences like V2V, Fix8:Sed8, and Mentallo & The Fixer, while seasoning with Gettner’s unique touch.
As the album unfolds, it embarks on a voyage of exploration and discovery, with each track presenting a new perspective and a fresh auditory experience. "Half Man" pays homage to its EBM influences but gradually evolves into a whirlwind of creativity that defies easy categorization. "INVASION V.2" and "Direct Impression Transfer" stand out as prime examples of the album's prowess, showcasing a masterful command of composition and production that is truly commendable.
Despite occasional missteps, such as the vocal distortion in "I Don't Belong Here," which creates a clash with the generally nostalgic atmosphere, or muffled samples in "The Holodomor," the album maintains a consistently high level of quality and intrigue throughout. Tracks like "Cogs in the Scheme" and "Collateral Damage" exhibit a keen attention to detail and a willingness to push creative boundaries, resulting in a listening experience that is both rewarding and thought-provoking.
In conclusion, this album represents a significant achievement, reflecting the substantial effort invested in its creation. With [i N t R o V e R t], Jacek Gettner offers a glimpse into the boundless possibilities of the genre. While it may not revolutionize the musical landscape overnight, it undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression and deepens my appreciation for the artist.
***GEttNER*** is the solo project of Jacek Gettner, a multifaceted artist based in Central Poland. Drawing from a diverse array of influences, including Electro Industrial, Oldschool Dark Electro, Synthpop, EBM, Gothic, and Future EBM, GEttNER crafts a unique sonic tapestry. This one-man band expertly weaves elements from various electronic genres to create a captivating and dynamic sound, setting him apart in the contemporary music landscape.

release date: 24th May 2024

1. i N t R o
2. Neuron Stimulating Device
3. Fading Lights
5. The Holodomor
6. Direct Impression Transfer
7. Hydrogen Peroxide
8. No Choice
9. Crumple Zone
10. Half Men
11. I Don't Belong Here
12. Cogs In The Scheme
13. The Drone Strike
14. Collateral Damage
Translator: khocico
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