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Golden Apes - From The Sky EP

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On July 29th, the EP from Berlin-based dark rock enchanters Golden Apes will be released. The EP consists of four new tracks and two remixes - including a track previously released as part of Peer Lebrecht's side project - VOYNA ("Satori"), and a remix of the title track prepared by him as well. As Christian Lebrecht, the bassist of Golden Apes, recalls, this release is, to some extent, the result of their singer’s experiments with new keyboards. The album also features new members of the band: Gerrit Haasler (guitar), Frank Flenz (guitar), and Joe Tyburn (drums).

Now, what does falling from the sky involve? Emotional bruising, liberation, self-discovery in a new reality and the fear and doubt related to it, acquisition of (sometimes painful) knowledge, chaos, uncertainty, frustration, anger? The new Golden Apes release carries a huge emotional load, and brings in some intangible but also genuine, intense associations: expulsion from paradise (however you decide to understand it), transition, change, loss of certain things and then the gain of the others.

How was it rendered in the musical sphere? The Golden Apes fans will not be disappointed because the EP features all the characteristic band’s trademarks, such as a very dynamic and melodic bass line, melancholic, poetic dark ambiance, energy, and sound spark, and of course, a deep, warm, extremely expressive and dramatic vocal that holds the whole thing together. Vivid, energetic "From the Sky", melodic, moving, and emotional "Hold Me", dark and hypnotizing "A New Days Dawn", and strong, rushing "Hole" - a beautiful puzzle made of exquisite, perfectly refined elements.

As I understand it, "From the Sky" explores uncertainty, a sense of incoherence and erratic quality of surrounding reality, a sort of quest, and a melancholic representation of longing. All these elements, enchanted in the sound matter with great artistry, build an atmosphere that is dark and vibrating with anxiety, inner conflict, doubts, and yet the anticipation of some sort. Stunning guitar passages, keyboard inputs, and a rich, deep sound combined with an excellent, very characteristic deep, dark vocal give a solid piece of work that is captivating and mesmerizing but also offers a solid energy kick. One thing needs to be stated -  it is not a soft, delicate material only. You will find many powerful, very sharp, dynamic arrangements here: subtle, almost fragile sounds coalesce with the harsh, strong beats that enliven and invigorate individual fragments. The melodic line accelerates and slows down interchangeably, setting either hypnotic or raging tempo, carrying us from very temperamental to sublime soundscapes, which, as a whole, builds a very diverse and interesting mood.
The material I spent the last few days with is exceptionally intriguing, so I am waiting for the entire album with even more interest.

01. From The Sky
02. Hold Me
03. A New Days Dawn
04. Hole
05. Satori (2022 remastered)
06. From The Sky (Gravitas Mix by Voyna)
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