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Cover from firts CD

Henrik Hytteballe

Dania / Denmark

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
alternative, experimental, idm, rock


Band members:

Olav Madsen - guitar
Mathias Smidt Pedersen - drums
Sokomo - vocal
Oscar Foss - bass
Peter Lund - vocal
Helle Thun - vocal
Kristine B. Jørgensen - vocal
Henrik Hytteballe - keyboard, piano
Freddy Albrektsen - producer


First album HAIKU is an ambient album taking you on an inner journey through lights and landscapes. If you want to listen to this album - choose one on the last 3 songs...// New album MONDO - released in may 2008 - is a rock concept album. It is the story about the 8th continent of Mañana and Prince Mondo. The continent is on the brink of revolution and the captain of the guard “The Shackadon” joins forces with a scared parliament (Supreme Council of Mañana) and sieges power. The Shackadon immediately starts the hunt for Rhanyais and Mondo. The Shackadon is secretly and passionately in love with the young queen. It takes years but eventually Rhanyais is captured, while Mondo escapes to sleepy coastal city of Sandolin. Mondo is for years unwilling and unable to relate to his so-called “destiny” but finally chooses to face the task of overthrowing the Shackadon at the battle of Shackadon Hills.