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Heylel - Nebulae

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IGrim country on the edge of Europe.
Is there here something beyond play of football, Port wine and Fado?
Indeed is a electronic music "Buraka Som Sistema"gothic metal "Moonspell" and eletro-rock "Blasted Mechanism" and "The Gift".
Since June 30 this year, when it saw the release of "Nebulae" is there for me anyone still. "HEYLEL", the band from Portugal. Quartet playing progressive rock alludes to the Goth rock.
Musicans of the band admits to inspiration aces such as Anathema, The Gathering, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis, Emerson,Lake & Palmer. I would add yet Within Temptation because it is impossible to not notice the songs played in the convention of symphonic metal. A disc can also hear tracks muted, intimate referring in turn to the masters of classical music.  Almost 48 minutes and 11 diverse and extremely interesting tracks. Musical journey with "HEYLEL" is not monotonous. Listener not falls asleep. Music requires more attention, because the songs dynamic and prey are interspersed with ballads. It's like fire and water in a closed space and surprisingly co-existing together in great harmony. The whole record is characterized by diligence, high quality and even virtuosity in mastering the instrument. Her voice and technique sound like the opera or church song. This is not surprising, because the band members come from the Jazz and Blues. These musical genres require high technical skills. The album begins tasteful, quiet and melancholic "Hope".
Guitar in a wonderful duet with piano introduces us to the world Heytel, reminiscent of the best times of Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. Here the words are superfluous. This great track gives a foretaste of musical skills of the band. But be careful listener. Second on the album "The Prophet" snatch you out of a dream. In this track aggressive guitar supports of voice Ana Batista. The vocalist begins bewitch her voice. And so it will remain almost the end of the CD. In this track the first time I heard a very faint but by this alluring voice of guitarist and keyboardist Narciso Monteiro. His voice, his whisper is great addition to voice of Ana. No. 3, the "wather of the Lihgt" is another dynamic presentation skillful combination variable pace and interwoven into it supported whispered vocals Any Narciso. Huge impressive had on me fourth consecutive or "Alter Ego". From a quiet beginning to the final full of drama. Great track. And so it will be the end of the CD. Heylel builds the tension perfectly.  Instruments harmonized perfectly with the vocals of Ana. Each of the songs showing the skills of musicians. Excellent skills connect instruments arouses admiration. We will hear is in the ballads "The Sage" - Ana's classic guitar accompanied, in my opinion it sound like Paco de Lucia. Do more dynamic track "Wings of Eternity" and No. 8 - "I Talk to the Wind" where he skillfully woven into the keys. Do more dynamic track "Wings of Eternity" and No. 8 - "I Talk to the Wind" where he skillfully woven into the piano. The album closes "Embrace the Darknes". This song is distinctly different style and mood of the remaining of the composition. It is counterweight to the "The Hope". Monumental, deprived vocal - beyond the choir - dark, arousing fear. But the title alone speaks for itself "Embrace the Darkness". The band likes to combine musical genres. Ballads alternate with symphonic rock to access the classical songs. The listener can't be bored. The variety of tracks may seem incompleteness and randomness. In my opinion, it isn't. 
"Nebulae" is it excellent debut.
I highly recommend it. Waiting for more. I would like to see perform live.
Ana Batista - Vocals
Narciso Monteiro - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Filipe Braga - Drums
Sérgio de Meneses – Bass

01. Hope
02. The Prophet
03. Watcher of the Light
A Newborn Star
04. Alter Ego
05. The Sage
06. Deeper
07. Wings of Eternity
08. I Talk to the Wind
09. The Great Abstinence
10. Sometimes
11. Embrace the Darknes
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