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Huir- Triumphal

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Huir is a relatively young project formed by Ana Of The Head and David Solazo from Barcelona. On February 2nd, Cold Transmission released their second single, following 'Vital'. The video for this song has just premiered. As I have emphasized many times recently, duets have become fashionable - and very charismatic and talented ones at that. Therefore, in my opinion, it will be extremely difficult for new projects of this type to distinguish themselves and stand out in this crowd of musical duos. However, there is something about Huir. Some softness, delicacy, and light that, combined with post-punk guitars, synthesizer half-sounds, and subtle yet charming vocals, attract attention. This music flows rather lazily, trance-like, definitely slower than its predecessor 'Vital', which was characterized by cool, clean, and vibrant vocals but followed a much faster and more dynamic line - more to my taste. Nevertheless, it's an interesting project that has intrigued me, and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it.
Release date: 02.02.2024
Label: Cold Transmission

Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-02-12 / Music reviews

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