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Human Steel

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Human Steel
Human Steel

Human Steel
Human Steel

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, industrial, Old school EBM


Band members:

Lindey - voice, synths, lyrics, samples, arrangement
Martin - drums, arrangement


Human Steel was formed in January 2007 under name "Lindstorm Project" in a small city of Głubczyce (Leobschütz) in southern Poland by Lindey, as an electro-industrial project. On the ruins of this project, at the beginning of 2010, when Martin joined to band, project was renamed to Human Steel.
Then we began to follow the real EBM path. We try to play uncompromising electronic music inspired b...y ours interests, lifes and music which we listen such as classic, oldschool and anhalt ebm expecially, but also classic ebm and old good industrial and electro-industrial.