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Immundus - You Will Never Get Out Of Here Alive

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After a successful album "Insomnia" Bruno Duarte vel Immundus presents his next creation in ghost/horror ambient style – "You Will Never Get Out Of Here Alive", although its title might be as well as follows: "When the piano has claws."
And the reason is that, contrary to its stylistically diversified predecessor with only few tracks with neoclassical hints, this time compositions create conceptual unity, synthetic neoclassical form which resembles a mad pianist’s recital. To be honest, I fell content because of that. Additionally Bruno Duarte chose minimalism.

While the influence of "Insomnia" was mostly shaped by vagueness and cinematic character of the music, "You Will Never Get Out Of Here Alive" offers concrete sounds, easy to catch, with less literal luridness (less effects characteristic for horror movies soundtrack), though it’s still present. It’s mostly based on singular chords with domination of strong, low sounds, though pretty often juxtaposed with lighter, higher notes. Decent melodies ("The Sleepless Wanderer", "Between Light", title track) are always accompanied by purposeful discords. The space is mostly created by synthesizers in the background, either the ones of choral sounding as if it was a phantom or the ones similar to misty hum or other whistles – all of these synchronised with the piano and emphasising it. The synthesizers and the piano create one unity making it sound demonic.
Short, stubborn repetitions like paranoid thoughts are still characteristic for Immundus style. Paranoia and encirclement by piano chords, this piano claustrophobia are main feelings accompanying the listening of the album.
Because it’s not the album for those who seek relaxation in music – on the contrary, it’s full of tension, frightening, making it hard to breathe. It’s hard to survive this journey without psychological tiredness (not ennui at all), so influential impression of a non-defined danger which is impossible to fight is created by these sounds. The changes in dynamics evoke some kind of visions, or impressions of visions, being caught in some sleazy, haunted and dangerous place. You are forced to travel across that place facing more and more fears. And you can understand this material as specific picture of a fearful situation – something which in painting is called ‘literature’ – or you can follow the project’s motto ("soundtrack to darker side of life") and see it as journey through life full of fears and dangers (after all we won’t end up alive).
The previous album and this one are joined by "Paranoia Drift" in which piano lead disappears for a moment, main motifs fade away and their place is occupied by synthesizers, which evokes the feeling of being lost. Immundus music is not based on constant impression of lost and fear. Bruno Duarte has a clear tendency to melancholy – present here as well and giving a listener a moment of relief ("A Spirit’s Serenade"). Melancholy is created also by the violin in title’s composition although it’s hard to find here any relief taking into consideration the accompaniment. Anyway, this track is an interesting play with convention or rather mocking it – it’s based on cabaret melody, which in some other circumstances could be consider as jovial. 

When it comes to minimalistic approach, it’s not only visible in emphasising one leading instrument, but also in creating motifs variations or making the final compositions based only on the piano – "Angst", additionally, is characterised by repetitions symbolizing here the feeling of tiredness and becoming peaceful at the end of the journey. "Between Light" on the other hand, represents the sensitive side of the project bringing finally the relief
"You Will Never Get Ot Of Here Alive" is a proof that Immundus is still developing and simultaneously it’s not losing anything which guarantees bigger dose of adrenaline. And that is why it’s worth to listen to this album.

01. Nightcrawler
02. Drained For Blood At The Altar
03. Paranoia Drift
04. The Sleepless Wanderer
05. You Will Never Get Out Of Here Alive
06. Pierced in Sleep
07. A Spirit's Serenade
08. The Pit
09. Angst
10. Between Light
Translator: morrigan
Add date: 2017-02-27 / Music reviews

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