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Interview with Bisclaveret

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Khocico: Have you ever tried to answer the question whether God is good or bad?

-Dragos: heh, good question....I don't think of God in a way that it functions in a consciousness of society. In such context God is an archetype that by being inscribed in many conventions often undergoes minute modifications. For example the vision of the Creator was different for Old Testament prophets, different for Blake and totally different for Cave. Each of visionaries defined it through the prism of his own experience – codified by culture they belonged to of course. In this context we favor none of the ideas. If you ask whether we try to create our own vision of Christian God by means of Bisclaveret the answer is no. Are we trying to pass any message? – No.
We rather try to show a human being that is looking for his/her own way of cognition; the littleness and awkwardness s/he reveals in this aspiration and the number of blind ways, questions without answers – and in the end madness that appears in case of facing the truth... however, we do not give the ready answers. Everything is up to your interpretation.

K: After Protagosterium tour there were many interpretations of your performance. What do you have to say about it?

: I'm very happy to hear that. It only means that our work is thought provoking and that it evoked the interaction we wanted. While reading your concert review at Alternation I realized you had made an effort to interpret our message. I may only say you're close to our concept. However, as I've already mentioned, we don't give ready answers, we leave plenty of space for interpretation.

KWhat are your impressions concerning the tour?

-D: The best as they can be. We're glad we managed to make another breakthrough, play a tour in our country. It really isn't easy, it takes a lot of time, effort and organizational skills. Luckily enough we could count on help and support of many people who got engaged in organization of concerts in particular cities. We're very grateful for that. The live concerts are great pleasure for us: we like the direct confrontation of our music with the listeners. We have good memories of all the concerts of Protagosterium Tour, though it's obvious that there were better and worse ones. Still, the differences weren't that big. I pity that for the organizational problems we finally didn't play in Sosnowiec. I hope we will make it up in the future.

K: In the past you worked mostly with foreign labels, it was War Office Propaganda that broke the schema. Is it really so hard to work on Polish market or was it a matter of your choice?

: As to the foreign labels it wasn't actually so. True, when we started playing as Bisclaveret the situation of our scene was totally different from what we deal with today: there were no local labels such as War Office Propaganda, or Beast of Prey. So, when we decided to release our first two mini albums („Aegri Somnia” and „In hortis...”), we did it with a help of Wyrm. Thanks to the publishings we managed to win the interest of Alex of Cynfeirdd, who offered us a release of a special material. The effect of the co-operation is the concert „Er Roud el aater fi nezaha el khater”. It was very much alike in case of „Psyche noMine” – Igor is a great enthusiast of our music; by his decision to release our album he proved his trust us. He honestly believes that the music of Bisclaveret will find its listeners, he knows its potential. He offered the best conditions of all the labels who could release the material in such time. We are not limiting ourselves to co-operation with one label only. Well, it's actually quite hard on the scene. Most of labels of such profile works on their own: they often risk the money they earn somewhere else so you can't develop the catalog too much and too fast. The bands, in turn, cannot wait until the place for the next release appears.
As to our co-operation with War Office Propaganda, well it was that Marcin and Robert offered us participation in Scontrum VI and we agreed willingly. We don't know what the co-operation will be like in the future, whether they are interested in releasing our future material or not. The time will verify it. Anyway, soon you'll have a chance to get to know the new material as – according to rumors – the premier is to take place at the turn of February and March.

: While listening to your music it's hard to escape the feeling that it's highly theatrical – at least as far as "Psyche noMine" is concerned. Theatrical and a bit oriental... are my associations right?

-D: One of our friends, after having listened to our first tracks, described the music of Bisclaveret as theatrical dark ambient and somehow we are associated with the pigeonhole. So probably you're right. It can be so also because we're passionate about art and its various aspects so definitely it unconsciously influences our artistic output. The aspect of lyrics is also important in Bisclaveret : the recurring personification of states: fears, clear and picturesque visions of the world. Orientalism? You mean mantras in the track of Akeldam XIV. I wouldn't be that sure. After all in modern culture the art of East and West is blended to such an extent that it's easy to loose the sense of identity of some artworks.

K: What is your music to you?

-D: Music – a great passion, fulfillment and the joy of creating. It's great message – the semantic time and the semiotic time. The platform of artistic madness madness and the depth of improvisational quest deep into a human soul... what else can I say?

KWould you prefer your music to be understood or rather felt?

-D: The combination of the two would be an ideal. Then you've got completeness. As I've already mentioned there is semiotics and semantics in music that are important in music. Emotions that feature sounds and words are important too. The ideal listener is the one that tries to dive into our music and make an attempt of understanding it.

K: What is the function of visualizations during your concerts? I must admit that it was hard to concentrate on them while having such a rich performance in front of my eyes...

: It case of concerts that took place within Protagosterium Tour, they constituted only supplement , they explored trance images, reflected emotional states: mysterious and not fully understandable background for the performance which was the most important.

K: A beast – is it lurking in any of us? And what is its worst manifestation?

-D: It's true – we all have our demons. Still, it's up to us whether we let them win or not. I'm talking about the mythic demons, Christian superstitions and so on, I'm taking about weaknesses each of us has to fight with. The worst manifestation? Jealousy, stupidity that results in ignorance, pseudointellectualism, mammon chase – at any price, at the cost of others.

K: Can we speak of any inspirations as far as your project is concerned?

-D: For me personally everything may become an inspiration: dreams, narcotic visions, life observations, some phrase once heard... emotions, passion and creative fury... anything to give impulse.

K: Who made the decision to play as Bisclaveret?

-D: Old times... (after all we've existed for 6 years). It all started during the studies, or I should rather say during a summer break ;) Talks on wine, passionate discussions till dawn... it appeared that we have similar vision of music with Thorn. Each of us had tried to do something on the field before so we soon realized what was our point... and so it's been till today.

: What are your future plans?

-D: We have some publishings up in our sleeve...Soon another part of Scontrum (mentioned before) which includes three premiere tracks will be released. We've finished a concept-album Manequins which will be out as a co-operation Bisclaveret vs. Bruno – it's a bit different facet of our music, more trance, oniric, poetic. The music is thought as a supplementation to the famous „Treatise on Mannequins”. Aside from that we're still in the course of preparing the release „In hortis...aegrii somnia” (re-edition) and the album with remixes. While in Liverpool you had a chance of listening to one of them – performed by synta[xe]rror. (by the way– Blacha, thanks for the nice beginning of the gig )
Additionally we're planning concerts, and then concerts again – they give us most satisfaction. I think we'll keep you informed.

K: One more question: what is the title of the book you tear off during the performance?

-D: heh. The book is a symbol, one of many we used during the concert... it's been a source of knowledge, the script of wisdom of the world we live in for ages... if it's really bneen so. But we weren't the first to postulate breaking up with the old literature... heh, you make the rest up for yourself...
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2007-02-20 / Interviews

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