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Interview with Devil Angels

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Devil Angels is a project of two unique girls: Diva Izazella and Natasha de Viant, who, against all odds, decided to realize their long-term plan, namely to promote the “Festish”, “Dark”, “Alternative” culture in Poland. Thanks to ambivalent characters they perfectly complement each other and constitute a really explosive mixture. They feel especially well while realizing crazy projects (e.g. dance with snakes or sessions in extraordinary, extreme places).
They have been active for 5 years now, especially abroad, where the fetish scene has existed ever since. The ladies are recognised in Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands where they often work as photomodels, performers or participants of worldwide events!
They've been collecting outfit, accessories and shoes for years. The stylizations and clothes they present are always unique and prepared in detail; most often they order or make them themselves.
The fact that the fetish culture starts being recognized in Poland is hugely up to them; they are often invited to numerous session, they also add splendour to prestigious events, they create ingenious performances and mark their presence in media!
They may be justly called the precursors of fetish/alternative scene in Poland.

Khocico: What inspired you to get involved into modeling?

-Devil angels
: These were the first episodes of Twin Peaks and the fascination with the serial. It was then that we had a photo session for the first time and so our adventure with posing, preparing stylizations etc. started.

K: Where do you work more often: in Poland or abroad ?

: We work abroad most often for the reason the alternative culture is developed there. We got a very positive reception there.
But we are also happy that after five years of our activity in Poland, the Polish people seem to appreciate us as well. It's satisfying also because in the past our action were misunderstood and met with a highly radical reactions. One could say we broke fresh ground in alternative modelling in Poland and now we often get e-mails from girls from Poland and from abroad with questions “what should I do to become a model”. We also notice the clothes we wear or the photographers who worked us become very popular. We get e-mails, letters, postcards, poems from our fans (even the youngest), we often give interviews abroad, do performances etc., so in short it's not bad :D

K: What is „Wicked Trinity"?

: It's one of our side projects created from initiative of Miss Omega. The first show of WT took place during international festival Fetish evolution in Germany (7.IV.2007). we got a very good reception and we already have new propositions for performances on prestigious events in Europe.

K: What is your live performance like?

: Every performance is exceptional and unique. We give performances very rarely and only during the chosen events. The preparations for such show require lots of effort so what we do more often is taking part in various parties as fetish icons or we are hostesses of events. recently we have become the faces of one of the clubs ion Cracow.

K: What's the proportion between revealing the truth about yourself and acting in the photos we may see in your gallery?

: Acting is required in modelling and performances. We have to pass some emotions, poses to give sense and message to what we do. But definitely it's not acting only – what we show on the stage or photos is the expression of our fascinations, desires and values we try to present in this way and the not the other way.

K: How did the idea for Devil Angels appeared ?

: The idea came from our interest in photography, fashion, adventures and the willingness to rule the world.:))

K: What's your favourite stylization: fetish or glamour?

: There are plenty of stylizations we like – from fetish to pin up, glamour, cyber,gothic. In all depends on our mood and creativity.

K: As far as I know Diva Izazella deals with clothes design... could you tell a bit more about it?

: Yes, design is my passion, I've been doing it since I was a child. Initially I was making clothes only for myself, but in the course of time the need to do something in the wider range appeared, so I came up with the idea of fashion show. Now I'm think of organizing another show and in the future to work in Paris, London – for the start :D

K: What are your future plans?

: We've got many plans, but we cannot reveal them now. We have new ideas all the time and we try to realize them all.

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Translator: khocico
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