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Interview with Future Trail

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1. Hiya, thanks for the time for this interview. Maybe you can introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hello, we are Future Trail from Chemnitz and Dresden and first of all many thanks for interest in the band. Future Trail consist of Mel (vocals/lyrics), Rene (composition and production) and Gunnar (lyrics).

2. How did the project Future Trail come into life?

In 2001 Rene & Gunnar became part of davaNtage and at this point many instrumentals and lyrics were created that were not in the context of davaNtage. There were more emotional tracks and the side project Future Trail was born, with Mel as the suitable singer who was known before In supporting davaNtage in special tracks like "cold".

3. How do you describe the music with three words?

Emotional-sensitive, intensive, electronic.

4. Where did you get the name of the band from?

The name Future Trail was a creation inspired by a holiday trip to the US. There were the phantastic-named hiking trails and eight years ago we took the "Trail-theme" for our project, so the Name Future Trail seems to us timeless and romantic. We gave a little explanation on our debut cd by the song "frozen trails" so please try this..!

5. In 2004, your debut "Big Sky Horizon"has been released. How was the reaction of press and audience?

Reactions and critics were really positive over that period. Due to the long time til our next release "Breaking New Ground" the interest became lower of course.

6. What are the differences between Breaking New Ground and Big Sky Horizon?

The sound is completely fresh and restructured due to the fact, that we had time to reflect over the years and got new experiences. The first album mostly reflects the themes of "escape & longing" as follow up to our trips to North America. On the new album personal themes of Mel were integrated and so the whole cd got more varicosity and depth. The centre point again is the female voice.

7. Where do you get the inspirations for the lyrics of Future Trail?

We collect our inspiration from all of our private environment. You meet many different people everyday and you reflect the conversations, discussions, statements. You only can decide alone what you think: is it true or not. And of course everybody knows a time of doubting, thinking about fears and so one. What comes next in life Where are my goals. What did I manage or not.

8. Mel, you have worked as guest vocalists in various bands like davaNtage or Wynardtage. What is the difference between being guest musician and having an own project?

Normally there is no difference between. I decide whether the song is suitable for me and then I give as much passion to it, as it is to Future Trail Songs or Cold Wave Songs. When I am emotionally touched it’s the best for the song. Of course it’s a great honour to me getting such requests by other artists what I appreciate much.

9. Do you have any confirmed live dates in the near future

We already had some gigs this year and try to make as much concerts as possible to reach the fans and give them a live-feedback! We will inform about as soon as possible.

10. Are there any plans for the future that you can reveal here?

For sure, as each band we have plans and goals for the future. We try to give as many gigs as possible to reach more fans. And there will be a third release; but this is written in the stars!

11. Thank you for your time.

Many thanks to you and much pleasure to all the readers with "Breaking New Ground".
Translator: Eileene
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