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Interview with Krzysztof 'Kris' Rakowski - Castle Party Festival

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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Castle Party Festival, Krzysztof Rakowski agreed to give a short interview - both about the festival itself, as well as about the lineup selection, audience, and the future of the festival.

This year, we'll be celebrating the exceptional 30th edition of the festival – how do you feel organizing this event for so many years?

Kris: I feel pretty much the same as I have for the past few years:) I'm happy, so I enjoy doing everything I'm currently involved in.

What are the most unique or characteristic elements of this year's Castle Party Festival?

Kris: There will be more accompanying events and, of course, wonderful music. It's been a tough year for the festival market, but I think we've done well:)

What are the main goals and values guiding the organization of Castle Party Festival?

Kris: Oh, how formal that sounded:) My team and I enjoy doing this, we love music and people. We always look forward to this festival, even though organizing it is not always a fairy tale, and it can be quite challenging:)

How long did the preparation process for this year's festival take?

Kris: We practically start preparing right after each edition. Of course, we take some time off after the festival for a little "nap," but each of us is still involved in something related to it.

What challenges did the organizational team face during the festival, especially in the context of the changing geopolitical situation?

Kris: We adapt quickly; challenges are always there. Over the past 30 years, we've faced all sorts of problems, which has made us resilient. It's just work:)

Among the festival attendees, there are often voices claiming that the selection of bands for each edition is repetitive and does not introduce new sounds to the lineup. What is the philosophy behind selecting artists and bands to perform at the festival?

Kris: Oh, Karolina, you know that's not true. Various artists, even some quite menacing ones, have played here. If that weren't the case, it would be boring:) The selection is usually "subjective," but it's not a rule:)

In your opinion, who is the festival audience – who comes to Bolków?

Kris: Surprisingly, very different people - mainly fans of "dark sounds." Undoubtedly:)

Do you think the dynamics of the festival have changed over the years?

Kris: The "dynamics" have been different over the past 30 years. But now we're in the best period, and we're most satisfied with our work. We have a lot of satisfaction, but full satisfaction will probably never come. It's always a big challenge and risk:) Every year is different, so it's a very interesting "job," almost like gambling. Every big event organizer knows this:)

What are the best memories organizers have from previous editions of the festival?

Kris: The festival itself - its duration, the people we sometimes only see there. It's wonderful that they "come to see me" every year, and even though I may sometimes look displeased, I greatly appreciate their presence. And, of course, contact with the artists I've been listening to for many years:)

How do organizers collaborate with local communities during the festival organization?

Kris: The city of Bolków, its authorities, and residents are just as involved as we are:) I receive full help and involvement only from the authorities and residents:) I have a few long-standing friendships there:) And if it weren't for that fact, the festival probably wouldn't have survived this long:) It's simply the adventure of my life:)

In what way does Castle Party Festival influence the local culture and music industry?

Kris: Hmm, we would have to ask local artists and people connected with the music industry what this festival means to them:) I see that it has an impact. But I've always stood on the sidelines of the music industry, and I've been involved in it for 30 years, so I probably won't soak up much more of it now, and I'm a bit "alienated." However, I think the impact has been noticeable for years, and it doesn't change:) It makes my work easier:)

What are the plans for the future of Castle Party Festival? Are there any plans for development or expansion of the festival?

Kris: It's already happening - Castle Party in the club - club concerts all over Poland and Castle Party on Tour - concerts outside Poland, also outside Poland:) It's already happening:) This makes us even happier with our work:) Because it's working:) "I have a wonderful team now. The best team in years:) And it's probably thanks to them that I still feel so motivated and eager to return to work on the festival every year:)"

Castle Party Festival is a renowned music festival in Poland that takes place annually in the town of Bolków. It is known for its unique setting within the medieval Bolków Castle, providing attendees with a one-of-a-kind experience. The festival primarily focuses on alternative and gothic music genres, featuring a diverse lineup of local and international artists. Castle Party attracts music enthusiasts not only from Poland but also from other parts of Europe and beyond, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Over the years, it has become a significant event in the alternative music scene, offering live performances, DJ sets, and various cultural activities amidst the historical backdrop of the castle.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the festival hence it's a nice occasion to celebrate! It will take place on 11-14th July in Bolkow, Poland.
Castle Party Festival 2024 - 30th anniversary line up goes as follows:
The Mission, AND ONE, Katatonia, Drab Majesty, ATTRITION, Aether, BLACKBOOK, Cold in Berlin, Combichrist, MONO INC., NACHTMAHR, The Vision Bleak, Lacrimas Profundere, NOKTVA, Closterkeller, The Nosferatu, Escape with Romeo, Orange Sector, Diorama, DEAR DEER, FRETT, Chaszcze, Charina, Czarny Bez, Extize Fright Night, Funhouse, HEDONE, IRA NOCTIS, KATOD, KSY, Lakesidex, Lorien, Malaise, Merkfolk, NAUT,Nenufar, Noche Obscura Oficial, Partikul, Psycho Beets, STILLNOX, This Eternal Decay, Wij, Velesar, VV & the Void

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