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Isaac Howlett [Empathy Test] - House of Cards

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Isaac Howlett, the mastermind behind Empathy Test, also known for his collaborations, such as with Daniel Graves, has decided to release something exclusively his own. Having known him for a while, this guy has always been bursting with ideas, exuding contagious energy, and displaying inexhaustible creativity. He's the type who never gives up, no matter what.
The new single "House of Cards" may not surprise you greatly in terms of music - Isaac's vocals are so characteristic that they serve as his calling card, and musically, we traverse familiar landscapes. As for the music - as you know, Empathy Test offers both calmer ballads and more intense synth-pop songs - it's similar here, but to my delight, this time the song has much more dynamism; I even see club potential here, definitely.
I've always appreciated contrasts in music, and Isaac's delicate, melodic voice works brilliantly in dynamic songs; a soft voice in a ballad can sometimes verge on cliché, so the additional energy boost is definitely a plus here. It's electronic, dark, catchy, boasts a good beat, and, as is customary with Isaac, features solid lyrics. While it may not be groundbreaking, it sounds very good. I eagerly await more.
Release date: 27.02.2024
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-02-28 / Music reviews

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