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Geoffroy Laporte

Geoffroy Laporte

Francja / France

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
cold wave, coldwave, new wave, noise, post-punk, shoegaze


Band members:

Geoffroy Laporte


Jessica93, one-man band from the north area of Paris who manages to mix two closed worlds - the 80s and the 90s with his music, a combination between shoegaze, noise and new wave, post-punk, cold wave. 
Geoffroy Laporte builds his songs with many bass and guitars loops on dark beatboxes with a distant voice, sometimes in french and sometimes in english. His records are tightly filled with gloomy and heavy tunes, interspersed also by dancing beats that remind  The Cure  from their darkest works as “Pornography”. Works of Jessica93 deliver a very intriguing and original music but also reachable songs, that are the main interest of this French solo project.
First full length record  - “Who Cares” was named album of the year by French New Noise Magazine. Next release – “Rise” contains more serious and darker tracks than before, with noticeable improvements on vocal parts.
Geoffroy Laporte with Jessica93 project, allows to explore his dark world and yet at the same time stablishes himself as a studioholic musician.