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KITE - Glassy Eyes

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Only a select few possess the innate ability to shatter hearts through music. The mere sound of Nicklas Stenemo's voice sends a shiver down my spine, captivating me instantly. There exists within this music an immense emotional intensity — a palpable tension, a profound and piercing sorrow, an unwavering honesty, and a depth of truth and feeling that renders indifference impossible. I've long admired KITE's skill in translating emotions into lyrics, and on 'Glassy Eyes', the vocals resonate with a trembling, vibrating essence that cuts to the core and evokes goosebumps. This track stands as one of their defining pieces, exuding the solemnity of an anthem, the simplicity of a minimalist poem, and an almost symphonic beauty. Intriguingly, it thrives on simplicity in sound, with the vocals taking center stage in their entirety — captivatingly beautiful, intensely dramatic, and undeniably charismatic. It's a song of profound beauty, one that wrenches the heart — as is often the case with this remarkable project.

Release date: 20.02.2024

KITE is a Swedish electronic duo formed in 2008, consisting of Nicklas Stenemo and Christian Berg. Their music is often described as synthpop or electropop, characterized by catchy melodies, atmospheric soundscapes, and emotive lyrics. KITE's sound blends elements of retro synth music with modern electronic production techniques, creating a nostalgic yet contemporary sonic experience.
The duo gained recognition for their captivating live performances, which often feature elaborate visual elements and theatrical elements. They have released several EPs and albums, including "KITE" (2010), "IV" (2011), "V" (2013), "VI" (2015), and "VII" (2017). Their music explores themes of love, loss, longing, and human connection, delivering a poignant and introspective journey through electronic soundscapes.
KITE has garnered a dedicated fanbase both in Sweden and internationally, earning praise for their innovative approach to synthpop and their ability to evoke strong emotions through their music. They continue to be active in the electronic music scene, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing sound and compelling performances.
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