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Wielka Brytania / United Kingdom

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electronic, electronica


Band members:

Neil Barnes

Past members:
Paul Daley


Throughout the 90’s Leftfield were untouchable live and on record. Their debut “Leftism”, remains one of the defining statements of 90’s dance music, a gloriously inter-woven bombardment of musical styles and immaculate grooves, nominated for a Mercury prize and later voted in the top ten greatest albums of all time by readers of Q Magazine.

The 90’s were all but over when the second Leftfield album appeared in Autumn 1999. “Rhythm And Stealth” worked with a darker hue and more pronounced techno influence, guests including Roots Manuva, MC Cheshire Cat and Afrika Bambaataa on first single “Afrika Shox”, which reached the UK top ten. 
The album - like its predecessor - would be nominated for a Mercury prize.

Now solely led by Neil Barnes, Leftfield release their third album “Alternative Light Source” on Infectious Music. The most influential Electronic-Dance-act of the past two decades returns with a comeback album. Presenting the project's trademark ultra-creative sound design and a straight-in-your-face bass that becomes a physical experience which surpasses any kind of audible frequency. Leftfield's new album manages to blow all successors out of the water with its expertly filtered low end. With "Alternative Light Source", Leftfield are yet again light years ahead of their competitors.