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Lowe - Tenant

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Lowe... debut of the year 2005, Lowe... the revelation on the synt-pop scene, or wouldn't it be better to call it pop-rock? Lowe... the emotion in the Swedish style.
One thing that the CD 'Tenant' cannot be denied is emotionality, both musical and influential. It's hard to write about emotions and about the CD, because at first everything seems perfect. It's very easy to praise the CD for the composition that was thought over and for nice lyrics and for the atmosphere built on the album by the guys from Lowe. It's simple to repeat the words praising the debut without thinking about one's own feelings.
It was the same with me... Enchanted by the opinions more than by the music I listened to, loving the sounds and calling the band the best debut of the previous year. Unfortunately, it happened that I lent the album to my friend for long. When I was given back the album I was waiting for so long what a bitter surprise it was to hear it again. I wasn't as enchanted as before. The songs that I previously considered beautiful, suddenly became simple songs of a nice but banal melody line whereas the emotionality in the vocalist's voice which used to improve my mood became an annoying affected accent. I started to feel as if I was listening to the commercial radio station. One thing is sure – Lowe doesn't belong to the alternative scene, it should rather be classified in terms of pop scene.
Such CD is good for long, melancholic evening with candlelight, but not all the people like such evenings, don't they? Similarly, no all the people will like the CD and maybe some will be enchanted with it, just like me, to see some more things later.
"Tenant" is a compact,well-done CD of good sound, but there's nothing strange about it... the musicians of Lowe are experienced; it's enough to mention that two members of the present formation used to play in the band Statemachine (I'd even dare say that most of the arrangements featuring the debut album was created parallely to the materials of Statemachine). I wonder whether the guys decided to get in to the mainstream what they didn't managed to do with their previous project (perhaps far too synthpop)? Definitely, they should succeed! If the career is to be killed than such album in the present times is the best choice! “Tenant” was the right CD in the right time and it enchanted the audience that was yearning for such sounds – pop/rock (it's a good term). And love? It has always been a catchy theme no matter how veiled. It's hard to say then, whether the mark should be given to the managers and people dealing with marketing who promoted the CD in the right time, or to the band who had to change the name and image to get rid of the 'alternative' etiquette. The change was definitely good for them, the CD cannot be called a bad CD, still can't call it revelation.

01. Ahead Of Our Time
02. Face To Face
03. The Vanishing
04. Simplicity
05. My Song
06. Hear Me Out
07. Never Felt So Low
08. Move Me
09. Falling Star
10. Gravitation
11. Down the Waterline

Translator: Selene
Add date: 2006-02-04 / Music reviews

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