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Machineries: Architect + C.H. District + Clicks

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Tell me where did you spend the opening calendar spring weekend anno domini 2014, and I will tell you whether it was a good choice, and if you went well if you had chosen the DOM? I will say right away - by far the best! Especially if it was the DOM in Łódź, at Piotrkowska 138/140. Because of area of the former Ramisch factory, which is currently vibrant with culture, events and concerts, for that weekend it became the location for one of these alternative events – Machineries festival.

Show was inaugurated by Clicks, the project from Wojciech 'kr- lik' Król known mainly from the Controlled Collapse band; enriched by presence of Tom Tylor (Slave Stage) and Łukasz Klaus (Cool Kids of Death, NOT). Catchy melodies, dance rhythms, dynamic arrangements supplemented by "live" drums and devoid from harsh vocals (which I feared like another incarnation from Controlled Collapse) made that, ​​the performance surprised me very positively. Full of energy show probably woke up all of us, who until that moment persisted still in the winter lethargy! In one sentence: good, party like direction and a lot of potential – I keep my fingers crossed for the further musical and scenic development of Clicks!

After a pause and taking a breath of spring air on OFF backyard back to DOM I was recalled by sounds of C.H.District, which as the second on that evening installed on the stage. The project from Mirosław Matyasik on the one hand allowed for a moment of breath after vivid Clicks, on the other hand it was a great prelude to the performance of the star of the evening - Daniel Myer. Because mesmerizing combination of the industrial sound with so-called "intelligent electronic", which was served by C.H.District efficiently put the audience in a musical trance: oniric, levitating while pulsating and   addictive. Every band could envy at that place Mirek and Adam of so well built atmosphere, enriched with the visual settings for both light installation on the scene and visualizations that highlighted the musical change of pace. In summary - a thoughtful and carefully prepared performance, after which each member of the audience wakes up like from an unreal dream, of course, thirsting for more.

On such prepared ground it was time for the star of the evening - a project of Daniel Myer from Haujobb. Architect in a virtuosic manner possessed audience totally by causing the danceable trance. All thanks to a solid dose of electronics interspersed sometimes by ambient like climates, sometimes with "live" drums. Attention was drawn by intriguing visualizations converting to human (once more, once less) faces, which emphasized musical passages, of the whole "live act" and addicted like a viewed kaleidoscope when there is no way to stop turning it in hands. Attempts to close the description of Daniel Myer’s performance with a help of a few words or adjectives would be just as impossible as it was impossible to release the artist from the scene after the end of the show, because swinging with the beats and mesmerized by unique atmosphere, insatiable audience among the cheering, of course demanded encores. You can see also that the master of the evening also considered impossible to resist the audience, so he returned to the controls to satisfy appetite of the audience for additional sounds. Those, who after a solid encore, still wanted more, could then continue dancing on the dance floor during the after party to the morning hours.

The old saying "well everywhere, but in the DOMestic place best", as it mischievously turned out, was in that case most real, though it did not meant staying within the four walls, not unless we are talking about alternative party with a Friday’s event of the Horrorist and Saturday involving Machineries festival. As this goes on, perhaps I will become domesticated...
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