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Leaether Strip - Mental Slavery (3CD)
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Leaether Strip - Mental Slavery (3CD)

Leaether Strip

Add date: 2010-06-11

Label: Alfa Matrix

CD1 – Mental Slavery

02.Turmoil (fuel for fascism)
03.My shadow is your home
04.I feel human
05.State of mind control
06.Invade my body
07.Out there
09.Your god has left you tonight
10.Closer to the pulse beat
11.It's the end
12.No entry no exit
13.Thirty-seven point one
14.Strobe lights
15.Frankfurt noir
16.Invade my body (Bær Body Music mix)

CD2 – Mental Slavery

01.Grab it now
02.We build the walls
04.Battle mind
05.Dead soil
06.Song for Pia
07.What have i done? (feat. Andi Sex Gang)
08.H. C. Ørsted
09.Out there (Tunguska version)
10.My funeral
11.I watch you fall
13.Song for Pia (acoustic version feat. Jim Cookas)
14.The Bears aren't sleeping tonight (Dance mix)

CD3 - Mental Disturbance (bonus album only available with the limited box edition of "Mental Slavery")

01.Grab It Now (Sebastian Komor remix)
02.Battle mind (Kant Kino remix)
03.It’s The End (Pink Industrial Whores remix)
04.Introvert (Portion Control remix)
05.Turmoil (Halo in reverse remix)
06.Invade My Body (Kant Kino remix)
07.State Of Mind Control (Project-X remix)
08.Invade My Body (Titans remix)
09.Turmoil (Autodafeh remix)
10.Slow (Psy’Aviah remix)
11.Introvert (Erektor remix)
12.It`s who I am (E-Craft remix)
13.Invade My Body (Exzakt & Rubberdoll remix)
14.Battle mind (Spark! remix)
15.Your God has left you tonight (Suessenborn Sinessence remix)
16.The Bears Aren't Sleeping Tonight (Notch Sexuality remix)
17.Slow (Advent Resilience remix)