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Meta Meat - voices

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Meta Meat is a project as original in its sound as it is theatrical. After the well-received album 'Infrasupra,' it's time for a worthy successor. The EP 'Voices' is a true instrumental feast - the richness of the employed means and tools to achieve the final effect is breathtaking. The distinctive drums, inducing an almost ritualistic trance, are hypnotic and enchanting. The multitude of simultaneously flowing, ascending, and descending melodies, along with oriental and industrial notes, make 'Hue,' announcing 'Voices,' a truly magical journey of sensations and imagination, simultaneously attacking the senses. Huges √úcke and Phil Von have accustomed us to absolutely exceptional musical experiences, and this time is no different. Excellent material!

Label: ant zen
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-02-04 / Music reviews

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