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Mildreda- "Blue-Devilled"

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"Hell is other people." This quote from Sartre could serve as the leitmotif for Mildreda's recently released album. Jan Wolf consistently treads the path of ambitious dark electro, and in this latest album, he attains a new level, presenting an original blend of dark sounds and various shades. With many years in the scene, experiencing both highs and lows, Wolf has now reached an artistic pinnacle that demands attention.

The artist's latest release, 'Blue-Devilled,' courtesy of Dependent Records, is a conceptual album delving into the themes of hell, the concept of the devil, and a broadly interpreted evil. These elements exist within us, in others, in the world, and in our struggles and understanding of them. Wolf undoubtedly grapples with inner demons through his art, yet his message remains both personal and universal, reflecting states that resonate with almost every contemplative individual.
Musically, as previously mentioned, the album is primarily rooted in dark electro. However, the addition of male and female classic choirs, dynamic inserts, samples, and beats introduces diversity and adds color to this soundscape. This approach ensures the release's coherence in both its message and musical composition. Whether it's the combination of dynamic, catchy elements and realistic, dark inserts in 'Friendly Fire,' the aggressive and robust opening track 'Awakening,' or the sensational 'Prophecies' that authentically reflects Jan's emotionally rich and moving vocals, each song contributes to the album's quality and gradually builds its mood and atmosphere. Notable mentions include 'Mirror View,' skillfully blending hoarse and hard vocals, and the exceptionally dynamic "A Dog From Hell."

The album's graphic design, masterfully executed by Peer Lebrecht from Golden Apes, deserves praise for bringing his ideas about the devil, interpreted in a more metaphorical and philosophical way, to life.

In summary, "Blue-Devilled" stands out as an album of remarkable musical and lyrical quality. The philosophical underpinnings and thematic elements seamlessly align with the dark sonic atmosphere. Highly recommended.

2.Karma Oyster 
3.Friendly Fire 
4.Damaged Goods 
5.Huis Clos 0
8.Miss Destruction
9.A Shift In Perspective 
10.Mirror View 
11.Devil's Gaze 
12.A Dog From Hell 

Release date: 1.12.2023
Label: Dependent Records 
Translator: khocico
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