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Mildreda - Prophecies

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The long-awaited EP, "Prophesies," being a harbinger of the upcoming album "Blue Devilled" (out on 1st December 2023 by Dependent Records) is out today!  It offers a combination of very high-powered, unconstrained melodic passages, enriched with samples, choirs, and Jan's emotionally charged vocals. This mixture bursts with intense emotions that immediately resonate with the listener. The lyrics are filled with probing questions, striking directly at the listener, serving as a sonic portrayal of deep emotions, internal struggles, doubts, or anger. They are beautifully intertwined with the sound, and well-arranged, diverse musical elements complement the emotional complexity of the songs.
The coldness of synthesizers and the presence of classic male choirs, contrasted with the aggressive vocals and lyrical depth, create a thrilling and highly engaging blend. It's a surefire hit for dark dancefloors, yet the emotionally intense lyrics and vocal expression make it impossible to overlook. It's also worth noting the Prophecies remix (Death Of A Thousand Cuts by Fïx8:Sëd8) which infuses the song with deeper, more electronic, multi-dimensional, slightly industrial, club sound, and a sharper, more intense character.
1. Prophecies (Single Edit)
2.Prophecies (Death Of A Thousand Cuts by Fïx8Sëd8)

Release date: 24.10.2023
Dependent Records
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2023-10-24 / Music reviews

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