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  • Miyavi - 2011-04-11 (Concerts)

A club filled to the brim, a multitude of fans swaying to the rhythm of music, a wonderful way of interacting between the artist and the audience, complimented by an immensly great load of positive energy – this is how the very first and only Polish concert of Miyavi can be described in brief.

On 10th April in Gdańsk took place a long-awaited performance of the Japanese vocalist that represents j-rock and Visual kei genres. Takamasa Ishihara, aka Miyavi, is an artist who skillfully blends different styles in his music. Apart from rock and pop, one can also hear some jazz or salsa influences in his sound. No wonder that the music of Miyavi had managed to appeal to a wide audience. After only a four-day sale, each of 800 tickets was sold. Due to such a great interest in the event, the organizers changed the original place of the show to a more spacious club and sold another 700 tickets, which were as well purchased very quickly.

During his one and Orly koncert In Poland, Miyavi was promoting his album entitled "What’s My Name?". As soon as the musician stepped onstage and the first song resounded in the air, the crowd vehemently approached the stage. A change in the artist’s looks was rather a big surprise. Usually styled-up, wearing full make-up, for a change He looked Modest: a plain, Black long sleeve, casual trousers, straight hair, no piercing. During the show, Miyavi quieted applauding fans and reminded about the tragedy which occurred in March 2011. He said the earthquake followed by tsunami afflicted his fellow countrymen badly and still He embarked on a European tour, leasing his friends and family in the country which had been going through a very difficult period. Hence he asked everyone to close their eyes and pray silently for Japan. When the moment of reverie passe, Miyavi debuted with a New song entitled "gravity", which made many people’s eyes well up with tears. Then "Shelter" was played, a track that mollified the atmosphere and made the crowd go frenzy anew, along with Miyavi himself. He was doing tricks onstage, lying on it, ma king spins with his guitar or playing it while holding the instrument above his head. The fans were screeching, the security was carrying languorous girls away.

Yet another surprise, by All means very pleasant one, was the fact of performing a couple of songs from the previous releases. At the audience’s request, Miyavi played tracks like "Selfish Love" or "Freedom", which he did not even need to sing as he was drowned by the crowd that knew all the lyrics by heart. For this reason a sort of astonishment and surprise appeared on the artist’s face. He was looking at the crowd in disbelief. Miyavi even recorded a video of the fans singing with their hands heart-shaped. Then he taught the gathered a phrase "nippon ganbare" which was also shouted towards the camera.

The concert was loaded with outstanding atmosphere from the very beginning to the very end. Miyavi played for 2 hours and encored with "Futuristic Love". Before he finally disappeared from the stage he said his final goodbye with the words "I love You, Poland!". To encapsulate, it was a truly fantastic and striking concert and I am sure that everyone who attended the show will surely agree with my opinion. In all likelihood, Miyavi will come back to us! After all, we are always ready to rock in Poland!
Translator: murd
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